XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station Review

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As a fitness enthusiast, I do a lot of workout that especially exercises my upper body muscles which will eventually make me look bigger and more muscular. However, I was looking to see some genuine grow and gain in muscle mass on my upper body part. Even more, I wanted to achieve these results in my own home without having to spend money and time for a gym membership. What would really help me to achieve these muscle goals that I have set for myself was a power tower with a pull up station.

Is it worth it doing pull ups at at home? I was looking for an effective pull up station home gym workout which would enhance my natural upper body strength and increase my muscle mass in my chest and my triceps. From a first and quick look, the “XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station” was exactly what I was looking for. Even so, I still had to look at every little detail of this home gym and see if it would fully satisfy all my strict criteria for an successful upper body muscle workout.

How does the “XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station” work?

There is no doubt that the “XMark Power Tower Pull-up Station” is a versatile home gym with an impressive list of exercises that will exercise your upper body muscles.  It is an indeed ergonomically designed machine that will help you to grow and enlarge your middle and upper body muscles.  On the multiple grip positions of this machine you can  perform vertical knee raises, chin ups, push-ups, pull ups and dips in one sitting. How many push-ups can you do? With the XMark Fitness Power Tower, you can track your progress and the increase of your strength.

It is solidly constructed of a steel frame to give you the best solid support for an efficient and safe workout.  The push up and the dip handles are all covered with ergonomically built rubber grips to give you comfort and reassurance while you exercise. There are also tough skid resistant feet which protects your floors against any damage.

The machine’s color is grey and black and it also features back cushion and forearm pads. In short, the “XMark Power Tower Pull-up Station” is perfect for in-home use. It is a simple, strong and very effective power tower that enables you to sculpt and strengthen your chest, your abs, your back and finally your arms and shoulders.

What others are saying? Does the “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” deliver?

protein supplements deals and salesAs I already pointed out, the “XMark Power Tower Pull-up Station” is a construction that is very “sturdy and easy to put together”. Consequently, this machine does combine very good quality and good price as well. Bear also in mind that with this home gym, you also get a lifetime warranty.

Another important point is tha “the instructions are clear” and all “the pieces are included” in the package. As far as the height is concerned, you will find that it is tall enough so that you do not touch the ground and it is short enough so that you do need a ladder to get to the pull up bar.

The construction is very solid for average size people and it certainly does “not wobble for a 205 pound” guy who exercises on this machine. Even if you are a 6’2’’, 220 pounds guy, you will see that this machine “feels like a pro gym pullup bar”.

Can the “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” help to improve your physique?

The “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” can give you all the necessary exercises to build your upper muscles and to improve your physique. Indeed, with this home gym you have the unique opportunity to execute an impressive list of exercises which are all packed into one product.

While you execute the pull-ups, the dips, the push-ups, the sit-ups and the knee raises you manage to achieve remarkable improvement on your muscles and on your general physique: You defined your abs, you develop your chest, you strenghthen your back and you make your arms and your back stronger. With Leg Raises and Sit Ups, you exercises your lower abdominal muscles making them flat, firm and tight.

Pros and cons


  • You buy this home gym at a very low price
  • You get a very robust and sturdy steel-made construction which going to last for you
  • You meticulously train each and every muscle group of your upper body
  • This home gym can hold you even if you are quite tall (6’4’’) or quite heavy (230 pounds)
  • It is very easy for you assemble it
  • It will not destroy the floor in your house as it has tough skid resistant feet
  • You can fit it in a restricted space in your house as it is small and compact


  • The arm rests needed an extra bracing
  • It is very heavy and it is rather challenging to move it alone from room to room alone
  • It is not for short people (5’3’’) as they will not be able to reach the pull up bar

Problems and complaints

There are only minor defects I located on the “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” as it is generally a very good home gym. It is true that there is an issue with small-sized people who wish to use this home gym. If you are about 5’3’’, you may find the “pull up bar to be too high” for you. You may also find the arms to be “spaced away too far apart”. Another point I would like to draw your attention is that the “arm rests needed extra bracing”. In that way, it would be more comfortable for you to perform your  vertical knee raises.

The “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” is an all-in-one home gym

Get vitamins with a discountWhat is really amazing with this product is that is a rugged, basic simple and very effective total upper body home gym that really enables you to exercise all the muscles of your upper body. You get from that home gym exactly what you expect as “this thing does work”.

Think about that: muscled chest, sculpted arms, huge shoulders, broad back and a prominent 6-pack, all these just packed in one simple product and most of all in the peace and comfort of your own home. Ultimately, this power tower is “perfect for a home gym”.

How much does it rate overall?

The “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” is indeed a top quality home gym which meets high standards and it seems that the customers of this equipment really like it. The average customer review has given this product a 4.5-star rating out of 5.0. It is also remarkable that out of 14 customer reviews, 12 of them have given this product a 5-star rating and 1 of them has given it a 4-star rating.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy the “XMark Power Tower with Pull-up Station” at a great price on Amazon.com. if you like to take more information about this home gym there are extra reviews for you to read  and take  a better picture of this product.

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