Why should you drink coffee before your workout?

Many people ask if there are any Reasons To Drink Coffee Before Your Workout. My personal observation is that coffee helps me stay more focused and more energized.

Studies have shown that athletes who drink caffeine before their workout tend to exercise faster and with more force over longer periods of time. Caffeine is so effective and increases exercise performance that until recently it was banned by the World Anti doping Agency.

How coffee boosts your exercise performance?

men wokroutSo, the question is: Can Coffee Rev Up Your Workout? Well, It May Depend on Your Genes. Caffeine increases exercise endurance by helping muscle use more blood sugar. Caffeine increases the entry of sugar into the muscle by as much as 26%. Of course, you have to have enough blood sugar for the caffeine to do its work so you would preferably consume your caffeine with a pre-workout carbohydrate drink or snack.

Coffee helps you brain fire into nerves to cause a greater percentage of muscle fibers to contract at the same time. This is one of the key benefits during weight-training because if you can recruit more muscle fibers more efficiently, you have greater contractions and hence greater results.

How coffee helps you burn fat during your workout?

If your goal is to burn body fat or from a fat-loss perspective, you should consume caffeine before your workout. Here are three reason you should take into account:

#1 Caffeine is a nervous systems stimulant

gym manCaffeine happens to be a nervous systems stimulator as it helps you give that mental boost before your workout. So, there are going be days that you do not feel like exercising, you feel very low-energy, weak, lethargic and lazy.

If you can have two cups of coffee at that point of time, it can really help you to get that mental boost and kick-start your workout. Learn here about the uses, interactions, effectiveness and possible side effects of Caffeine.

#2 Caffeine has glycogen sparing effects

Because of its glycogen sparing effects, caffeine helps you metabolize more fatty acids if you consume caffeine before you start your workout. That means that if you have two cups of caffeine before you start you exercise you will actually burn more calories from body fat.

#3 Caffeine delay the onset of fatigue

landscape girlCaffeine makes you feel tired much later than if you do not drink coffee.

Simply put, if you get tired 15 to 20 minutes after your workout then by consuming caffeine before your workout then you will probably get tired 30 minutes after your workout. 

How muscle coffee should you drink?

A caffeine dose of one and a half milligrams per pound of body weight improves exercising performance in the gym. It comes to a little more than 300 milligrams for a 200-pound person.

People who want to gain the maximum advantage from caffeine want to cycle on and off during the year. By the way, you can take 300 milligrams of caffeine from a tall cup of Starbucks coffee or you can also get 450 milligrams of caffeine from two scoops of a supercharged coffee supplement that will take your workouts to new levels

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