Which Exercise Helps You Burn The Most Calories?

The most intense an exercise practice is, the most calories you burn. Effectively, an exercise that raises your heart rate, uses more muscles groups, helps you burn more calories and ultimately you burn fat.

Usually, exercise routines that are performed at a High Intensity Rate, burn more calories than traditional cardio exercises such as running.

However, low intensity exercises such as rowing, walking, jogging, swimming, can also help you burn calories.

So, although the number of calories you burn depend on factors such as your muscles mass, the duration of exercise, your exercise intensity and your weight, the five exercises below help you burn the most calories.


Swimming, as an exercise can be seen as a low intensity workout, but it does not affect the joints as hard as the Jumping Roper and Running. It is also an ideal physical activity for people who people who hate sweating or getting hot. With regard to the benefits of swimming, it increases your endurance, your muscle strength and your cardiovascular fitness, it help you maintain a healthy heart, healthy weight and lungs.

So, a person weighing 160 pounds is going to burn around 218 if he swims for 30 minutes.

To maximize your calorie burning, you need to swim faster because slow, leisure swimming does not burn so many calories.


First of all, running significantly reduces your mortality risk as it is a key lifestyle medicine for longevity. If you are regularly engaging in running, particularly at a high intensity mode and for a sustained duration of time, you burn more calories than many other physical activities.

So, if you are weighing 160 pounds and you run at a speed of 6 mph, you burn 364 calories in 30 minutes or within 3 miles of running. Furthermore, if you run faster or if you alternate because jogging and sprinting, you massively increase the number of calories you are burning.

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a combination of high intensity and low intensity aerobic exercises. You need a coach, you do need equipment. You can succeed at HIIT workouts on your own. You turn on the music for motivation and you workout alone at the garage of your house, in the garden of your house even in the living room of your house or of your apartment. HIIT workouts are effective and efficient. HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, it increases your metabolic rate after the exercise and it helps you lose fat. See this site  http://www.lifetoliveit.com/ for full info and details about the best cardiovascular exercises you can do at home, whatever your fitness goals and need are.

HIIT immensely increases your Oxygen Consumption which means that your muscles are getting much more effective in using Oxygen.

You can practice the following:

Incorporate short explosions of maximum  exercise. For example, sprint for 30 seconds every 3 minutes of running.

Incorporate weight training to your aerobic exercise. For example, take a minute off from your elliptical machine to lift weights of do squats.

Swim fast for 50 meters and then swim back 50 meters at a slow, leisure pace.


Bicycling at a slow, leisure mode on a flat road will not burn that many calories. But, if you bicycle at an intense, high-speed mode, either cruising on outdoor terrain with hills or exercising on a stationary bike, you burn many more calories and you also enormously strengthen your legs.

So, if you are looking to modernize your house gym, just make a research for the best exercise bikes, find the one that fits your budget and needs and set it up in your living room or home office room and you can start bicycling in at home while you are taking a break from your laptop work.

Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope gives you identical benefits to running while, at the same time, helps the development and growth of your coordination and balance. Jumping Rope is an excellent lower ab workout that targets your low belly, your lower abdominal muscles and you soon can see the difference with a flat, strong stomach. Lower abs are rather challenging to strengthen because this is the place where your body deposits most of its excess fat.

So, if you weigh 160 pounds, you burn around 291 calories in 30 minutes of working out on the Jumping Rope.

To increase your calorie burning effect, you can change your jumping style by either jumping on one foot or alternating between slow and fast Jumping Role during your exercise.

Read more here: https://www.lifetoliveit.com/top-5-most-common-belly-fat-loss-mistakes/

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