What carbs to eat to not put on body fat?

Whenever I eat carbohydrates I notice that my body performs so much better in the gym and throughout the day, my brain functions better and generally I feel a whole lot better as if I am not pushing myself to do things. However, everybody is different, some people need more carbs than others but everybody should eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates because Low-carb diets might be best for maintaining weight loss. Most of the choices for breakfast contain sugar such as syrup-filled pancakes and cereals. Sugar does not give us any nutritional value. On the other hand, having vegetables for breakfast gives us huge nutritonal value as they are full of nutrients, vitamins and fiber. 

However, I can tell you what kind of carbs you should be eating and I can assure you that the carbs I am discussing in this article are safe, they will not destroy your sleep and they will not add fat and weight on your body.

#1 Fruits

Fruits are great. Berries are ideal, Pomegranates are also very healthy. In fact, any kind of fruit contains extremely healthy carbohydrates so do not worry about it. If you want a piece of fruit, then go and have a piece of fruit. However, you do not want to overdo it and eat too many of them all day long but it is anyway an excellent source of healthy carbs.

You could be having healthy, easy-to-make and easy-to-carry fruit snacks throughout the day even when you are at your work or you are outside running your errands. Fruit snacks will quarantee that you increase your energy levels during the day and they will also assure you that you take your Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients. Even more, with fruit snacks you make sure that you avoid gaining fat and weight. 

#2 Whole Grains

Let me emphasize that although many people talk about whole grains like whole grain cereal or whole grain bread, actually none of this is whole grain. For example, There is no such thing as a whole grain bread. In reality, a whole grain rice or bread looks completely different than what a company says. So, when a company says that a specific product of them is “whole-grain”, I do not consider these statements to be true.

Do you know what a “whole-grain” is indeed? Quinoa is whole grain, rich in protein and it will make you feel strong and vigorous both physically and mentally. Brown rice is very lean-friendly and most people eat it and can definitely tolerate it.


#3 Legumes and Beans

Black beans, Kidney Beans, Red Beans, White Beans are an amazing source of healthy carbohydrates. Lentils are another source of starchy carbohydrates which is similarly very good.

#4 Vegetables

Vegetables are the most important kind of carbohydrate that you can eat. Fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables, it does not really matter. Just eat some vegetables because it is the most important part of weight loss diet plan. Actually, we could be having vegetables in every meal thorughout the day. For example, most of the people do not know How And Why We Should Be Eating More Vegetables For Breakfast.

When you are eating veggies your body will take nutrients it needs and you will feel good, full of life and energy. Good vegetables are Bell Peppers, Spinach, Carrots and Hummus.

Other low-carb vegetables are: 

1) Pumpkins. Canned Pumpkins which are available all year around can be eaten as breakfast protein or snack protein throughout your day

2) Sweet Potatoes. They are a primary source of carbohydrates as you can do so many different things with a them: you can bake them, dehydrate them, match them up, sweeten them, make them a savory, put them in  a salad. 

3) Parsnips. Very low in calories, very high in fiber, high in nutrients, very dense and they will certainly fill you up. 

4) Rutabaga which is extremely good for weight loss. They are tremendously dense and fibrous, filling and satisfying. 

#5 Carbohydrates which are packaged

You can also include some packaged carbohydrates that are healthy and good for you fat-loss and weight-loss goals. When you buy packaged carbohydrates, you look at the ingredients and you want to make sure that is made of Whole Foods, that there is nothing enriched, there is no Gluten, there is no Wheat, not even Whole Wheat.

Bad carbohydrates that will not help you with your weight-loss goals

Unhealthy carbs which will only add fat and weight on your body are box cereal, box crackers, juice and any kind of pasteurized, pre-packaged juice. You have to know that if you buy a ready-to-eat juice from a store which is sweetened, concentrated, pasteurized, it is full of bad and unhealthy carbs. Crackers, cookies, chips are extremely bad for your health. It does not matter what the label says. Always, look at the ingredient.

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