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Strong and tight abdominals are an indication of a fit body but they also a sign of good health. For me, to build such muscular and athletic-looking abs, I had to start exercising with the abdominal toning wheel.  The abdominal toning wheel would strengthen the middle section of my body and tighten my abdominal muscles as well.

The ideal "ab wheel" for me should be comfortable and practical enough  for me to use it in my own house. On the other hand, it should be effective enough to burn my abdominal fat and give me a ripped look. From a first look, the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” has a modern design and comfortable grip.  I decided to research deeper this ab wheel and learn more about its features and performance.

How does the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” work?

The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” is basically just a small wheel with a short bar in the middle that has hand grips on either side. You kneel down on the floor, you place the wheel on the floor in front of you and roll the wheel forward slowly until your arms and hands are in front of your head. Then, you arch your back and you pull yourself back to the starting point.

 It is an easy-to-use exercise equipment that is designed to tighten up your stomach flab and give you an overall toning and strengthening of your core, your abs, your waist and lower back. The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” features non-slip wheels, a portable design and contoured grip handles. Finally, this exercise wheel is extremely sturdy and very durable.

The dimensions of the “Tone Fitness Wheel” are 8 inches high, 8 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The materials that it is made of are a combination of plastic, metal and foam. This device will additionally help you to work out your upper back, your butt, hips and legs and finally your arms and chest.

What others are saying? Does the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” deliver?

The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” is a very effective way to tone your core muscles and also work your abs better and easier than the traditional plain old crunches that you may have been doing. The users of this "ab wheel" have noted that it is a hard work which brings good results. They have also added that you can also exercise while watching TV.

This ab wheel offers an exercise which is much more difficult than the well-known crunches. The owners of this equipment have pointed out  that it gives a great workout and you will feel it working  from the very first time.

It should also be mentioned that you can easily take it with you when you travel and you can also store in your house as it occupies very little room in your house. The users of the “Tone Fitness Wheel” emphasize that it is very easy to assemble and that it works perfectly.

Will the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” help me to tighten my abdominal and stomach area?

tone fitnessRegardless of what kind of general or specific abs exercises you want to execute  – exercises for lower abdominal strengthening,  exercises for upper abs or obliques strengthening or exercises to tighten up your stomach – the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” works great for your entire abdominal and stomach area.

You only need 5 minutes a day with this toning wheel to firm and strengthen your whole middle section of your body. The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” gradually reduces and obliterates your belly fat and it  builds and strengthens your waist, chest, hands and your lower back.

Pros and cons


  • It significantly reduces you belly fat
  • It tones and strengthens a big number of your muscle groups such as your legs, butt, chest, arms upper and lower back
  • It is very practical in your everyday life because it is very easy to assemble, easy to carry, easy to store and easy to take it with you when you travel
  • You can get it for a very low price


  • Because the wheel is made of hard plastic, it may leave marks on your floor
  • It does not have a sophisticated appearance which may put someone off
  • There is a warning on this product about harmful chemicals
  • You must be careful how far you extend your back because if you extend it too far you can cause pain in your lower back

Problems and complaints

The main concern of the users of the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” is that the wheel is not made of a soft rubber but instead, it is made of a hard plastic which may put marks on your hardwood floor.

Another serious issue has to do with the warning that exists on this product about the harmful chemicals that are contained in this item. These chemicals can seriously discourage a potential client from buying the “Tone Fitness Wheel”.

The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” is ideal for all fitness levels

The “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” is ideal for both the beginner level and the experienced one as well. Therefore, whether you are just starting and you want to execute some stomach crunches or on the other hand, you want to undertake really hard, tough and serious work on your abdominals, the “Tone Fitness Wheel” can help you with both of these two  objectives. It can be used by virtually all fitness levels.

It will tighten up your stomach, help you lose your belly fat and get sculpted, shredded and beach-ready abs, if you just want only that.

Alternatively, if you have more expectations, it develops your core strength, it tones your arms, your back, your shoulders and chest and engage your core with every move. It will maximize your strength by engaging more muscles in every exercise.

How does it rate overall?

In the average customer review, this product had achieved a 4.0-star out of 5.0. It is also worth mentioning that out of 17 customer reviews, 10 of them have given this toning wheel a 5.0-star rating while 3 of them have given this product 4.0-star rating.

Where can I find and where can I read more reviews?

You can find the “Tone Fitness Toning Wheel” at a great price on or by using Kmart promo codes here. There are more reviews on Amazon available for you to read  and find out how other users of this toning wheel evaluate it.

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