The Mistakes You Make And You AreNot Losing Fat And Weight

You have taken your weight loss seriously and you are following a strict daily program with the proper nutrition, hard exercise in the gym and austere intake of calories. Still though, you are unable to lose your weight. The Key to Weight Loss Is Diet Quality, Not Quantity, a New Study Finds. The answer in your inability to lose your weight may be hiding in all those little, daily habits and casual routines which are destroying your whole effort of weight loss.

At a first glance, it does not even cross your mind that these daily patterns you are following may be ruining your dedication and effort of fat burning. Seemingly, some of your daily habits may have no direct relation to weight loss efforts but they definitely disrupt and interfere with process.


Bad daily habits that hinder your weight-loss efforts

Below, I am examining some of your bad every day habits that may be impeding your weight loss endeavor.

You are eating too many calories

When it comes to calories the rule is very simple: if the calories you consume are more that the calories you burn then you simply gain weight. You cannot even imagine how extremely easy it can be to consume unwanted calories. You cannot even realize that even in the most innocent places, again calories are hidden beneath. Therefore, in order that you lose weight you must cut on your daily consumption of calories. You do not have to eat big portions of food to take calories. Even a small piece of a cracker or a cookie or a tablespoon of butter or mayonnaise or mustard or dressing can add calories.

You do not drink enough water

Water helps you with weight loss. Drinking water either before you meal or throughout deters your from consuming large portions of food simply because you fill up faster. Additionally, water steps up your metabolism. A good metabolism is a fundamental rule of weight loss. Vegetables also contain water that is why you should incorporate them in your meals.

You do not sleep enough

First of all, Poor Sleep Hygiene Is Killing You And Your Career as staying awake late at night not only affects your productivity but it also affects your health with the risk of heart attack, type 2 diabetes, stroke and obesity. If you stay awake then your body releases the appetite stimulating hormone cortisol which is known for storing fat in your body.  Sleep deprivation stops your body’s capacity to control food consumption and metabolize carbohydrates.  When you have less sleep, you end up eating more and youare struggling burning the calories you ate.

Even worse, when you stay awake you become hungry for fats and carbs. You will open the fridge and you will go for the food which is full of fat and calories and eventually will blatantly fail in losing any weight. On the opposite side, the fat-burning hormone is only released when you are asleep so make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

You are only doing cardio and not weight training

It is a fact that many people have the misconception that 30-minute jog in the countryside, a 30-minute run on the treadmill or a 30-minute stroll with the dog, are enough to lose your weight. Instead of staying indoors and doing nothing these physical exercises are good but do not expect dramatic weight loss results if you do not carry out substantial training with weights. Weight training increases you metabolic rate which simply means that you burn calories even after you have finished with your workout.

You have too much stress

No matter what kind of stress you have, whether it has to do with your job or with financial issues or with personal and emotional problems, it is extremely detrimental to your weight loss efforts. When you are under stress your body releases the cortisol hormone (as I am already explain above) which triggers your appetite for food. Cortisol itself does nothing else but slowing down your metabolism and storing fat in your body. The fat that you get with stress goes on your abdominal area which is extremely difficult to lose.

You drink soft drinks

While you may be cutting the food that you consume every day, you do not realize that you still take calories by drinking sugary drinks. First, these kinds of drinks have no nutritional value and second they harm your weight loss efforts, even if you drink diet drinks. You cannot imagine the amount of calories that exist in soft drinks, various smoothies even in fruit juices. So, in order that you see good weight loss results make sure that you stop taking calories by cutting all these sugary-drink habits.

You eat unhealthy food

Unhealthy food and calories are fundamentally associated. You do not just take calories and add fat with large portions of food. You also take calories and you serious harm your weight loss goals by eating bad, unhealthy food. Bear also in mind that any unhealthy extras like cheese, salad dressings, bacons and are all high in fats and calories which give you more weight.

Most people tend to find various stupid and meaningless excuses why they cannot lose their weight. So, instead of trying to justify yourself for failing to lose weight, why don’t you just sit and think the bad daily habits that you love that are really destroying your weight loss efforts. These bad habits are just in front of you and it is only a matter of determination to get rid of them.

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