“The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn” DVD

Like Emeril says, “It’s time to kick it up a notch!”  That’s the feeling behind "The Firm" home fitness DVD collection.  Each DVD features a series of intense workouts that will get the sweat dripping and the heart thumping.  I should also point out that each one is designed with specific goals in mind. 

There are plenty of fitness routines out there to sculpt abs and give the perfect buns.  But what about burning extra calories and removing more fat when everything has stopped working?  The Firm’s Ignite Calorie Burn could possibly be an answer.

How Does "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn (2011) DVD" Work?

In the video below, you can watch a demonstration segment of "The Firm DVD" which shows the kind of exercises that you are challenged to  execute so that you get your heart working and your calories start burning.

"The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD" is hosted and coached by two coaches called Emily Welsh and Rebekah Sturkie.  This DVD program contains two workouts designed for intense calorie burn.  The first is a high energy cardio combo with a bit of sculpting.  The second is an intense straight cardio routine with “mini-bursts”. 

These mini burst are an intense 8-second high energy burst of movement to rapidly raise your heart rate followed by a short active recovery period.  These mini-burst sessions can make you burn an intense amount of calories while raising your metabolism long after the exercise is over.

"The Firm DVD" comes to you with both of these workouts in 20-minute sessions with extras.  You also get a downloadable abdominal workout to help push your body even further and access to "The Firm’s" online fitness club. 

What Are Others Saying? Does "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn (2011) DVD" really deliver?

"The Firm DVD" seems like a sleeper hit for home fitness DVDs.  I have seen a lot of praise for the entire line of programs.  Ignite Calorie Burn is not much different.

There are cases of users of this DVD who pointed out that the 8-second bursts were nice because the heart rate got up and stayed up. On the other hand, they were short enough that the users knew they were going to end and they frightened.  This DVD program was also great for a tight schedule because customers could see results with only making use of one 20-minute workout a day.

The entire program is strong and vigorous.  Many users of the "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn (2011) DVD", had their rate up and pumping during the entire routine and not just during the cardio session.  It has been mentioned a couple times that this workout is intense.  The fast action movements and transition times are very demanding for the body and do take some practice.  But ultimately, the effort is worth the work because there is a heavy pay off as you ultimately manage to significant amount of weight.

However, I would like to give a word of warning about "The Firm DVD" program: The warm up and cool down sessions are rather short.  Some customers stated the more stretching would help with both.  The routine is undoubtedly worth the effort but you had better make sure that it is followed with better cool down sessions.

Demonstration clip of  "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn (2011) DVD"

In the video below, you can watch another 4-minute demonstration segment of "The Firm DVD" to get  a better picture of the kind of effective cardio exercises that can help you to burn you calories and  and revive your metabolism.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD" workout is so strenuous and hard that your body is turned into a literal furnace for fat and calories with these routines.  You tone up and tighten your body and get a fit, athletic look. The sessions are rough and the work is vigorous.  But the effort is worthwhile.  Combined with the right weights and proper form, this DVD has the capability to burn you off hundreds of calories each time you use it. Furthermore, "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn" DVD is an excellent cardio workout that will help you fight and reduce your stress

If you combine the calories that you burn with a proper diet  that promotes a healthy metabolism, then you will manage to burn fat, lose weight and shrink your waistline.  It is rather difficult for anyone to accurately calculate the exact weight that you may lose, especially with exercise routines.  However, there are multiple reports of people working out with this DVD that have lost considerable weight over a couple months.

Issues to pay attention

"The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn (2011) DVD" is a very fast and intense workout.  Extreme movements and actions are performed to carry out the various movements designed by the fitness coach.  I highly recommend that if you are coping with joint issues, bad knees or a bad back you should look into a lower impact routine.  Consult a doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

Pros And Cons

the firmPros

  • You enjoy an extra bonus content that is included
  • Ideal for your tight work schedules
  • They also give you an online community to help you with your support efforts
  • You get a modifier for beginners
  • You will experience good results with only one (1) of the routines


  • The exercise sessions are too short
  • T o get accustomed to such exercises, you need to do some practice before joining the DVD team
  • You may experience some difficulty even injuries or pain if you have bad joints  

Problems and Complaints

In the "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD" both coaches pack as much as possible into a short twenty minutes.  This is done by design to keep the heart rate up, but one serious flaw is the lack of transition times between exercises.  It almost feels like the person has to be extremely quick to properly transition from one move to the next.

nother issue that I have noticed is that one of the coaches called Rebecca apparently does a lot of wooing and flattering during the routines.  I am not a big fan of working out in such a noisy and loud environment.  Encouragement is nice, but the wooing may be suitable for a basketball game but not working out inside your house.

How Does it rate Overall?

"The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD" has some proven results that rival the quickness of the diet pills.  It seems that the majority of the customers of this DVD have identified its benefits as in the average customer review it has achieved an amazing 4.0-star rating out of 5.0. It is also remarkable that out of 27 customer reviews 13 of them have given this DVD a 5.0-star rating while 8 of them have given this DVD a 4.0-star rating.

Where Can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy "The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD" at a great price on Amazon.com. There are more reviews on Amazon available to you to read and find out what other users of this DVD think and how it has helped them with their calorie burning process.

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