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Throughout the whole summer I was training a lot with my bicycle outdoors in the country side. Cycling has been extremely useful for me both for building my muscles and for doing my cardiovascular exercise as well.  However, during the winter months, I wanted to continue this level of fitness I had reached so far regardless of the weather outside. For this reason, I was in need of an indoor cycling trainer which would allow me to stay in shape.

Buying a good quality and state of the art indoor cycling trainer was of huge importance to me. May be, that is the reason why I was instantly attracted to the “RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer” which really seemed to have an excellent design. Exactly because I had to be absolutely certain with the product I was buying, I decided to undertake a research about the “RAD bicycle trainer” and find out every aspect of this.

How does the “RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer” work?

The “RAD bicycle trainer” bike trainer utilizes a state of the art magnet system and essentially turns your bike into a customized stationary cycle.  It provides your cycling exercise with a progressive magnetic resistance which increases as your speed increases. Now, you can have an effective indoor cycling workout in a controlled environment, with no weather elements to effect performance.

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What this indoor cycle brings as an innovation is that as soon as you begin to pedal, the ultra quiet internal magnet creates resistance for your cycling. You have the option to increase your resistance by shifting the gears on your bike. Additional, its new design features separated legs that give you extra stability. It has a sturdy base as well as a sturdy frame. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional this is the perfect tool to become as physically fit as possible.

Take also into account that the “RAD bicycle trainer” is extremely portable. This device specifically designed for indoor use is certainly very light and you can additionally fold it down like an ironing board when you want to store it or to take it with you in a journey. Last point I would like to make, is that the “RAD bicycle trainer” is ultra durable as it is made of the finest materials.

What Others Are Saying? Does the “RAD bicycle trainer” Really Deliver?

protein bars deals and promotionsThe “RAD bicycle trainer” is a very robust and sturdy construction that is going to last for you. It is not only that the frame is solid; it is also “easy to use and adjust”.  You will also find it very easy to mount your bike on this trainer. With such  a simplicity and ease of use, this machine is a great “value for your money”.

An important aspect of the “RAD bicycle trainer” is that it is relatively quiet and thus you have the chance to “watch your favorite ball game” at a normal volume. Another interesting issue is the assembling of this machine since it is indeed very “easy for you to set up” this trainer. It is also very “easy to change bikes”.

Eventually, the “RAD bicycle trainer” is “a wonderful product” in “a very reasonable price”. Most important however, is the fact that regardless of your tight work schedule or the weather conditions outside, you still have the opportunity to enjoythe benefist of a cardio exercise such as lose fat fast, reduce your stress, strengthen you heart and lungs, fight you depression and anxiety. This device “gives you plenty of resistance” which makes you capable to burn you calories and maintain your physique or even improve it.

Can the “RAD bicycle trainer” improve your cardiovascular condition and build your muscles?

The success behind the “RAD Cycle Portable Indoor Magnetic Bike Trainer” is basically its amazing design that gives you a very effective physical activity. Exactly because you get a smooth progressive magnetic resistance as you speed increases that enables you to perform an amazing endurance exercise and certainly allows you to improve your cardiovascular condition.

Bear in mind that the “RAD bicycle trainer” gives you the experience of the harsh riding conditions of the countryside and it can even imitate your effort of cycling on a long incline. In the above ways, this machine “gives you a great workout” that enables you to develop your cardiovascular strength and to build your muscles as well.

Pros and cons

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  • You get a solid and sturdy construction thus a very durable machine
  • Extremely convenient for your indoor use as it is light an maneuverable
  • You have value for money as it is reasonably priced
  • You enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride as it has a superior stability
  • Very easy for you to set it up also to change bikes


  • It  is quite loud
  • It does not have a wide range of resistance options
  • It is mostly a basic trainer without many extra features for advanced level cyclists

Problems and complains

At this point, I have to acknowledge that there is a certain issue concerning the noise which is coming from the “RAD bicycle trainer”. It is indeed true that the “noise is so loud” that it may be very difficult to even have a discussion with somebody while you operate this machine. Another point I would like to draw your attention is that this bicycle trainer does not offer you very hard and high levels of resistance. In fact, even in the highest level the “resistance is way too low”.

The “RAD bicycle trainer” is ideal for professional and triathlon athletes

What my research has found out is that this bicycle trainer appears to be extremely practical and convenient for athletes who wish to ideally prepare themselves during the winters months for any upcoming racing contests.

Exactly because the “RAD bicycle trainer” is so light, easy to carry around and easy to mount your bike on it, you get a very quick, effective and most of all versatile training for any professional cycling events or just any cycling races.

Eventually, you do not necessarily have to practice on this trainer only in your house boundaries. You can also place it in your garden, on your pool deck or in any other open space of your property and you use it in conjunction with other cardiovascular exercises.

How much does it rate?

Despite the low ratings the “RAD bicycle trainer” has taken because of its loud noise, I have to point out that in the average customer reviews this machine has taken a 4.5-star rating out of a total 5.0. It is also remarkable that out of 63 reviews, 26 of them have given this trainer a 5.0-star rating while 16 of them have given it a 4.0-star rating.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy the “RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer” at a great price on Amazon.com. There are also more reviews for you to read and find out what the users of this trainer think and how they evaluate its features and performance.

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