Protein shakes: Do you really need them to build your body?

You want to have a fit, lean and toned appearance then you have to give extra attention to your proper nutrition apart from your gym exercise. Actually your diet contributes at a 50% in building and maintaining your robust and healthy appearance. However, if you want to build big and strong muscles you need to dramatically increase your protein intake. Both proteins and the amino acids are absolutely essential to build toned and strong muscles.

Protein shakes: Do you really need them to build your muscles?

Let me ask you a question: What is today’s trend when it comes to protein shakes? Most of the people, both men and women, who are seriously involved in working out and building their muscles, believe they must take protein supplements. There are various opinions and publications who emphasize the need for extra protein consumption in the form of supplementation if you want to build muscles.

However, what if all these bodybuilding and fitness companies want to frighten you that unless you buy their protein shakes you will not build your muscles? What if they want to make big profits from your naivety and lack of experience and information? Also, why should a protein shake be of higher value than the food you cook in your own kitchen? Researchers have found that Protein powders may be damaging your health because they have been tested to have huge doses of heavy metals. Read below for full explanation. 

Do you absolutely have to take protein powder to build your muscles? 

First, protein shakes will not build your muscles faster. Protein shakes just do not contain a magical ingredient, substance or formula that will give mass to your muscles straight away.  As it happens with natural protein sources such as eggs, meats and fish, protein shakes just and only contain amino acids. There is nothing else phenomenal or extraordinary to make it better than the natural source of protein that you cook in your own home. Consequently, whether you consume meat and fish or protein shake, your muscles will grow with the same speed.

Second, protein shakes undergo extreme processing which is indeed harmful for both your general health and your muscles that you strive to build. Protein shakes go through very high temperatures while they are pasteurized which really dangerously and critically affects its nutrition. Most of the substances in the protein shake are damaged or destroyed which make it much less healthy and nutritious.

Third, as opposed to what you may have heard or read, your body does not absorb the protein shake faster than the normal source of protein. It is only the Whey protein which has been designed to get absorbed quickly by your muscles. Apart from this brand of protein shake, any other brand is exactly the same as consuming normal home-prepared food.

Fourth, it is true that it is much quicker and easier for you to drink a protein shake. So, there is an argument in favor of the protein shake. You have a tight work schedule and you most likely do not have the time to prepare meat and fish in your own kitchen. Here is where the protein comes it makes it very convenient for you to just shake and drink it.

Why you should go for whole foods to build your muscles?

What exactly happens to those people who get their daily intake of protein either exclusively from protein shakes or in the largest part from that source? First, they do not provide their body with the ingredients and nutrients that exist in the whole food. Second, they run the risk to harm their health from the substances that exist in the protein powder. So, even if you have been using protein powder to build you muscles because you also have been influenced by this Protein mania, the rich world’s new diet obsession, you should seriously consider relying on food cooked in your kitchen to fuel and build your muscles. 

1. Whole foods or the food that you cook in your own kitchen like various kinds of meat, fish, eggs are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other extremely beneficial for your health  elements. This huge abundance and variety of nutrients and ingredients do not exist in the protein shakes. Therefore, you don't give your body essential nutrients to stay healthy and to function properly.

2. Take also into account that because of the extreme and disastrous processing that the protein powder undergoes, any elements that it may contain are damaged to a great extent and degree. Consequently, you will definitely have a very hard time digesting your protein shake. There is an big selection of healthy Whole Foods that you could consume throughout your day and certainly incorpate them in your daily diet. For some interesting examples of health-promoting Whole Foods that are not processed or refines and are rich in nutrients, vitamins, healthy fats and protein go to

3. Huge need to have a variety in your nutrition. A mixture of meat, tuna, other fish, cottage cheese, chicken breasts give your body a huge range of nutrients but they also enable you to alternate amongst the foods that you eat. All these healthy food nutrients and ingredients will also vitally help you to become vibrant and strong and get a ripped, toned, muscular appearance. They also give you energy for your gym performance.

4. Another aspect of the protein powder that many people are unaware of are the synthetic elements that it contains. Companies enrich their protein powders with items from synthetic source to make it stronger. Such an synthetic enrichment can be very detrimental to both your body and your health.

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