Lower abdominal muscles: Make them flat, firm and tight now

Many times in the past I have been angry and annoyed because it has been so difficult for me to obtain ripped, firm and well-defined lower abs. This is a concern that many people, both men and women share with me. You may have also noticed that equally men and women tend to store fat in their lower abs area which really makes it such a troubled and disturbed area of their body. Many fitness enthusiasts out there, despite their hard strength and cardio exercises, they may have had a hard time getting those firm and tight lower abs.

Let’s start with the basics: Belly fat: What’s the best way to get rid of it? What is the fundamental principle for losing your abdominal fatand make your lower abs show off? You have to combine hard cardio and abs exercising with strict, low-fat, low-carbs and low-calorie nutrition. In that way, you successfully manage to burn the fat that covers your lowers abs, you also make them bigger and harder and last with strict nutrition prevent the formation of any additional abdominal fat. The results are obvious and they are exactly what you were looking for: Hard-looking, ripped and sexy lower abs with no fat covering them.

Below, I am researching the basic rules that surround your endeavor to make your low-belly abdominal muscles look firm and tight. Also, I´d like to share with you the latest Bowflex promo codes which you can use to get a generous discount from your Bowflex orders.


4458748636_1189403069_mIt is very common that people have indeed trained and developed lower abs but they are not visible simply because there is a layer of fat in front of them. To cut down even to completely eliminate this layer of fat you need to pay full attention to your nutrition.

Pay attention to significantly decrease the amount of calories you consume in each meal during your day and increase your protein intake.

Targeting exercises on your lower abs

Many people are deceived because they have their upper abdominal muscles fit and trained and as a result they neglect their lower abs. Give absolute focus on your lower abdominals. To successfully target you lower abs, you have to do exercises that involve curling and lifting your legs and actually doing crunches with your legs and knees. Such exercise can be done while lying on the floor or hanging from a bar.

Your body is not used to doing such movements on a daily basis. However, you will definitely see your lower abs getting ripped if you engage your lower abs in consistent and specific exercises that that precise region. Bear in mind that your legs are much heavier that your upper body which means that with such strict and defined low-abs exercise you are giving your lower abs a very effective training.

Start cardiovascular exercise now

There is a number of easy lower abdominal exercises but Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best as it will torch your fat and your calories. You want to make your lower abs prominent and defined. To do that you have to burn you fat in your whole lower section of your abdominals. Cardio exercises do exactly that. They will significantly contribute to burn this excess fat and make you show your abs.

The most popular cardio exercises are cycling, running, walking, swimming and aerobics. Add intensity in your cardio exercise. You follow a high-intensity for a few seconds and then a low-intensity workout for some seconds. You get back again to intense rhythm for a few seconds and then back to normal again. With such a tempo, you manage to burn your fat quicker and more effectively.

It is quality that counts not quantity

It is very common for anyone who exercises his abdominal muscles to have an incorrect approach to this kind of training. People are struggling to do as many repetitions as possible thinking that it is the number of repetitions that counts. However, with too many reps they only manage their upper ad muscles while their low-abs are neglected. You cannot do many good repetitions for the low-ab muscles because the pain is too much to handle and you may suffer a muscle strain or tension if you are flabby and out of shape.

So, just do your lower abs exercises which are hard for you to perform. Just do few repetitions but focus on doing them right.

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The perfect time to train your lower abs

Train your abs at the very beginning of your workout. It is true though, that most people pay no attention to this rule and they tend to exercise their lower abs later in their workout routine and of course, they hardly see any results. Ideally and for the ultimate results though, you should exclusively devote a day’s workout only to exercise you low-stomach muscles.

The low-stomach muscle training should be in itself a sole and full workout and not part of training where other muscles are involved as well. Even running blasts your lower-stomach fat and gives you a strong, firm and toned lower-abs appearance.

Abs are made in the kitchen

1589349643_c8183c2d91_mWatch your diet if you want to enjoy your ripped lower abs. A proper diet will help you blast you fat and eventually show your lower abs. In fact, a proper diet is equally important as the actual workout itself. When you watch your diet you will have ripped lower abs with less exercises. On the other hand, even with lots of lower abs exercise if you do not eat properly you will have difficulty building your abs.

Eliminate junk food or processed foods and high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods. Instead, start eating natural, healthy, home prepared foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, go for eggs, meats and fish which are high in protein, nourish, develop and strengthen your muscles. Stay away from all white flour products and instead go for any whole-wheat products.

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