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Throughout the week I do various sports that involve a lot of muscle group moving in a constant and persistent way. As a result, I have repetitively injured my joints and muscles. The kinesiology tapes are an effective way to prevent and relieve injuries caused by strenuous sports activities or other demanding but beneficial physical exercises with Home Gyms, Treadclimbers or weight lifting. The “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” is a high quality kinesiology tape that should become one of my standard equipments.

How does the “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” work?

In the demonstration video below, you can watch an expert showing you how to apply the "Kinesio Tex Tape Gold" for wrist pain.

The “Kinesio Tex Tape” allows your body and muscles to move while it heals your pain and injuries at the same time. The Kinesio taping method involves applying on your body a specialized tape from origin to insertion, or insertion to origin over your muscles.  The ultimate aim is to decrease pain and inflammation you feel, to reduce your muscle fatigue and to support your muscles movement 24 hours a day. This is a non-restrictive type of taping which gives you a full range of motion.

It is both a therapeutic and a rehabilitative tool. It measures 2 inches wide by 16.4 feet in length (5cm x 5m) and it has 140% elasticity. It is made from a gentle cotton fiber, it is totally latex free and it features a 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive. You can wear it for 3 to 5 days and it gives you a 24-hour result which is also an economical treatment.

It creates a lifting effect on your skin’s surface, which improves circulation and relieves pain. You may apply it using different amounts and directions of tension, so the tape has the ability to relax or stimulate your muscles. The distinctive wave-pattern weave moves simultaneously with your movements. It is water resistant and it is so light that its thickness is similar to that of the skin.

What others are saying? Does the “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” really deliver?

In the video below, you can watch a massage therapist giving her own opinion on the use and effectiveness of the "Kinesio Tex Tape Gold".

The “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” is comfortable and surprisingly supportive and you can use it to correct any of your impaired movement patterns or any of your joint and soft tissue issues. You can also use it for circulation issues and to facilitate and inhibit your muscle function. The “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” is sturdier and holds better than the normal one which is not "Gold".

People who have suffered from plantar fasciitis but they want to keep on running recommend this product. Now, these users just tape their foot and they run up to 5 miles per day and they have seen that this tape works great for muscle strains and pains.

It works excellent on the legs as it stabilizes the knees and reduces pain. You can also use it on the upper body as it supports the shoulder very well.

Good for shin splints

In the video below, you can watch an expert explaining how to apply the "Kinesio Tex Tape Gold" for shin splints.

Will the “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” reduce my muscle pain?

Your body is designed to move and the “Kinesio Tape” helps you do exactly, as it promotes your motion. The tape itself has a built-in stretch that supports your fatigued, weakened and strained muscles. The tape’s technique affects deeper tissues in your body and its ultimate purpose is to reduce your muscle pain.

It lifts your skin to increase the space between the skin and muscle and provides a reduced localized pressure which helps promote your blood circulation. Eventually, the “Kinesio Tape” reduces your muscle pain, your swelling and muscle spasm and it heals your muscle.  

Pros and cons


  • It reduces your muscle fatigue, it gives better muscle contraction and it increases your range of motion.
  • It feels nice on you as it is very comfortable and breathable
  • It will not cause any sensitivity or irritability on your body as it is made from 100% hypoallergenic acrylic
  • It is easily removed and leaves no sticky residue


  • There is evidence that  it easily comes off from your skin both at bedtime during the night and while you play a game or you exercise
  • Evidence also say that It  can only stay on from 20 minutes up to 5 hours the maximum
  • It is not a substitute for an ace bandage or knee brace or anything similar

Problems and complains indication

One of the most serious issues reported is that the “Kinesio Tape” cannot stay on your skin long enough. It falls during the day but it falls off overnight, every time as well. Even if you apply it according to some instructional videos, it still comes off.  There is also some indication that the glue of this tape can give you a painful blistering rash which may last for a few days.

The “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” is ideal for everyday life

The “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” is light and stretchy and it is also thick and elastic as the human skin. It is extremely beneficial for weight training, strength training and cardio exercises. This tape is used not only in athletics, but also in the medical field for people’s everyday life. The therapist applies the tape around the borders or directly over your injured muscles or joints.

It gives you the therapeutic benefits without restricting the range of your motion in your everyday life. This is very important for people who do their daily tasks and need to remain active as they recover from injuries.

How does it rate overall?

Despite its inability to stay on the skin, “Kinesio Tape Gold” seems to be very favorite amongst its users. In the average customer review, this tape achieved a 4.0-star rating out of a total 5.0. It is also interesting that out of 325 customer reviews, 194 of them gave this product a 5.0-star rating and 64 of them gave this product a 4.0-star rating.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy the “Kinesio Tex Tape Gold” at a great price on There are even more reviews on Amazon for you to read and see how other users evaluate this tape and its effectiveness. 

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