How To Lose Fat And Weight While You Sleep

Why Bad Or Less Sleep Gives You Weight?

Good sleep is a condition of a healthy and full-of-vitality life. We often read, listen or watch that for a healthy life you only need good nutrition and good exercise. On the other hand, good sleep is often left aside and neglected. Lack of sleep has many adverse effects. Too little sleep tied to increased heart disease risk as well as serious weight gain. Sleep loss causes to gain weight.

Bad sleep has adverse effects on our weight. Staying late at night or waking up late in the morning seriously damages your weight levels and your weight loss efforts.

If you stay late in the night, your body releases a hunger-stimulating hormone called ghrelin. While you stay awake at night, you have the misconception that you are genuinely hungry, while in fact ghrelin has been released in your body and it instantly induces your appetite and it makes you feel hungry.

Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate muscle & strength coupon codeHigh ghrelin levels are associated with high levels of weight which meals the more you deprive yourself of sleep the higher the hormone ghrelin the higher your weight as well. In simple words, you tend to eat more while you stay up at night which eventually seriously damages your healthy weight levels: it increases your body weight and it gives you fat as well.

I would also like to draw your attention to another hunger-regulating hormone called leptin which reduces your appetite for food. During your staying up at night, you only manage to decrease this hormone and thus, you stop controlling your hunger and metabolism. As a result, the lack of leptin has serious effects on your body weight and your weight loss efforts.

You should also seriously consider that people are naturally inclined to eat high-fat, bad-fat high-calories and high-carb foods when they have less or bad sleep. Think about that: when you feel strong and vigorous, full-of-vitality energy and dynamism after a good night sleep, you can easily see the food which is high in fat, carbs and calories, your recognize the dangers, you think wisely and sensibly and you stay away from such food. As a result, you protect your weight and your stay lean and healthy.

On the other hand, if you feel tired, worn-out and sleepy, you are allured to the carbs, fat and calories temptation and you cannot distinguish the dangers of eating high-fat, high-carb food. Exactly because you feel tired and sleepless and somehow depressed because of the time of night, you cannot stay back and contemplate and you end up consuming this unhealthy full-of-fat food without hesitation.  Eventually, you destroy your weight loss efforts and you gain weight without even realizing it because of your bad sleep or the lack of sleep altogether.

How to have a good sleep at night

Below, I am describing the four basic step you have to take to ensure that you have a good, deep and invigorating sleep so that you lose your weight or keep it on it normal and healthy levels.

Do not drink alcohol before bed

NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 muscle and strength coupon First of all, it is very well known What too much alcohol can do to your health. But, did you know that alcohol before bed badly affects your sleep? You may deceive yourself because alcohol is depressant and it gives you sleep. In reality, your body metabolizes alcohol during your sleep that is why it does not only damages your novels but is also disrupts you through the night and it wakes you up.

So, although you may be thinking that an alcohol drink before bed may get you sleepy, in fact it interrupts and fragments your sleep. Even worse, it interrupts your most valuable sleep which is the healing and invigorative one.  Bear also in mind that it blatantly ruins your weight loss endeavor as alcohol is full of calories, which during your night metabolism turn into fat.

Watch what and when you eat before bed

There are two vital issues you have to pay attention in order that you keep your normal and healthy weight but also to enjoy a restorative and restful sleep:

a) Your dinner must be a light meal. Go for a low-fat meal which is very quick to digest and your metabolism does not disrupt your sleep. The lighter your last meal is that shorter it is to digest and the better quality sleep you enjoy. Heavy meals an d spicy foods before bed greatly contribute to fat formation and weight gain.

b) You must have your dinner an hour before going to bed. You must allow for some time for your last meal to digest before going to bed as a full stomach interrupts with your sleep.

Exercise during the day

Myprotein Impact Whey muscle and strength promo codesIf your body lacks physical exercise, it destroys the quality of your sleep. For this reason, make sure that you take even a mild exercise during the day to ensure a better sleep and a good weight loss process during the night. Any kind of exercise is very helpful for a good night’s sleep, from a hard training to a calm, easy walk in the countryside.

In short, exercise gives you the most serene, most invigorating and most restful sleep. Pay attention though, not to train before bedtime because it raises your heart rate it makes you feel awake. Cut out any exercise activities, two hours before going to bed so that you give plenty of time to your body to calm down and relax.

Go to bed and get up the same time every day

You may be tempted to go to bed latewhile you areon vacations or if it is Friday or Saturday night. For the same reason, you be allured to wake up late in the morning of Saturday on Sunday. You do nothing else but destroying your good and quality sleep and gaining weight. It is a rule:

Sleep late at night and stay in bed late in the morning gives you weight. In order that you lose your weight or keep in on a healthy level but also to have a deep and restful sleep you but be consistent with your bedtime. Get yourself to a sleep schedule and stick to it. When you go to bed and wake up at the same time your body functions more efficiently resulting not only in a good, reviving sleep but also in a good and vigorous physical shape.

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