How To Get A Firm, Tight And Round Butt

Our butt muscles are the largest muscle groups on your body and therefore they can greatly contribute to increase your metabolism and burn calories as well. Actually, building your Glutes is one of the Ways to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism.  Firm and fit glutes are very sexy, appealing, aesthetic and hot looking. During the Summer period either on the beach or anywhere you go, you can feel certain and confident with firm and fit glutes.

Even in the Winter months with your tight jeans, you can attract good attention and compliments for the good look and appearance  of your butt. You definitely have the possibility to change the bad look of your glutes and obtain strong and firm gluteus muscles. You only have commit of your personal time and effort on this endeavor.

Everyone has his own type and physique in that rear area but each one of us can make obtain a sexy-looking and fit butt. Below, I am describing three of the predominant and most effective butt exercises.

Five Exercises To Strengthen And Tighten The Muscles Of Your Glutes

First Exercise:  Deadlifts

Deadlifts are an excellent exercise for a toned, firm and fit butt. You only need the right position of your body and the right execution of the deadlift exercise because you must have proper body porture. You perform them either with dumbbells or with a barbell.

You stand with your feet apart at the width of your hips and your knees slightly bent. You grip the bar at the grip of your shoulder. Your back is straight and in full extension and you bend forward of your hips, you lower your torso until you touch your shins and then you raise the bar back up again. The Deadlift is a relatively simple exercise to perfrom but it is one of the most beneficial exercises as it gives multiple gains to your body and your overall health and well-being.

Second Exercise: Hip-Extensions Or Flutter Kicks

Third exercise: Hip-extension or flutter kicks

Hip extensions or flutter kicks are an amazing and very efficient exercise to train your butt and make it look at its best. This exercise is a great training for your but and I can assure you that you perform it correctly and rigorously you will definitely obtain a firm and sculpted butt. You lie facedown on a bench with your hips at the edge of the bench. Your legs are straight and your toes are high off the floor.

Your hands are also straight and you hold at the front (other edge) of the bench. You start by lifting your right leg higher than your left leg, then you lower your right leg and you lift the left leg. You continue with these alternate movements until you have done some good repetitions, then a few seconds for a break and you start all over again.

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Third Exercise: Lounges

Lounges are extremely effective to obtain firm, fit and sculpted glutes and they are also very popular in the professional levels of bodybuilding. You hold two dumbbells on each of your hands at your sides.  You make a step forward with one of your legs while making sure that knee as it is bent does not go forward to pass your toes.

At the same time, you keep your balance and your keep your torso upright as well. You push at your extended leg as you press on your putt and you return back on your original – starting upright position. Then, you continue with the other leg and you move on the repetitions with alternate movements.

Fourth Exercise: Squats

You may be asking yourself: Is it worth doing weight squats? Squats are one of the most effective and extremely popular exercise for the rear area. You can perform them with either a barbell on your shoulders or a pair of dumbbells on your hands. Hold your weight either on your arms or your hands, your head up and your back straight. Your feet apart at your shoulder width and your toes pointed out.

You lower the bar or dumbbells by lowering your knees until the angle between your legs and calves becomes less than 90 degrees. Then, you raise the bar by pushing with your feet on the floor and until you straighten your legs at the starting position.  Bear in your mind that the closer your feet the more front of your thighs you work. While the more apart your feet are the more your butt you work.

Fifth Exercise: Step-ups With Dumbbells On Your Hand Or With A Barbell On Your Shoulders

The step-ups are an extremely effective glutes exercise which works out your butt really hard. You stand in front of a bench at the right height and you start by lifting your right leg while you step up on the bench. Then you raise your left foot on the bench so that both of your legs are now on the bench.

You lower your right leg back on the floor and you continue with the left leg. You carry on the repetitions with alternate movements: right leg – left leg or you can execute all the repetitions with one leg before moving on to the other leg.

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