How To Feel Less Sleepy And Get More Active During Your Day

In this article, we are talking about something really important, how to beat your sleepiness, drowsiness and lack of energy and vigor throughout your day. When was the last time you had massive amounts of energy in your day, you went through your day effortlessly, you accomplished your tasks that you have been looking for the last month but you have not done because you kept putting  them off?


We are discussing the subject of feeling less sleepy and more active and energized in your day. So, what are eight things you can do to have combat your sleepiness, lethargy and lack of energy and vitality during your day? Running on empty? Try this daily routine to boost your energy.

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Make an amazing juice recipe, you take it before your workout, before a run, before you do your yoga, your pilates, before you go to work or before you start running your daily errands.

The ingredients list of your juice recipe includes two cucumbers, one beet, one lemon, a small knuckle of ginger, two carrots and half of a red apple.

Have Breakfast Every Day

Make sure that you take a breakfast even though you may not feel hungry. A qood-quality breakfast will help you feel better both mentally and physically during your day at work and while you are doing your daily activities. Did you also know that a good breakfast will lower your stress hormone level of cortisol which will make you feel less anxious and stressed in your day?

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One of the best and most effective ways to motivate yourself during your day is to drink more water. Just make sure that you are very well hydrated. Hydration is key. Personally, I drink at least 3 liters of water per day.

Also, very important is that the water you drink is purified and it comes from a really high source of water. Also, make sure that you eat plenty of foods that contain plenty of water naturally like juicy fruits, oranges, grapefruits, yogurt and broccoli.

Take A Shower

To fight your sleepiness and feel more active splash some water on your face or even take a shower. Actually, a shower will help you feel better not only physically by getting more active but also psychologically by uplifting your mood.

Eat Fiber In Every Meal

Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why. You should be eating fiber in each and every of your meals as it contains a time-releasing effect on your carbs making them enter your bloodstream slowly and progressively in a certain period of time. Fiber allows you to fill fuller for longer while eating less calories at the same time. Foods rich in fiver prevent the risk of Arthritis, Heart Disease, Diabetes and even increase your life expectancy.

As a result, nutrients enter your body on a gradual pace and this gives you sustained energy and vigor and significantly less hunger. Great sources of fiber are Oranges, Mushrooms, Beans (all kinds), Bran, Broccoli, Peas, Lentils and Leafy Greens.

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Get out in the open air and get some deep breaths or practice some deep breathing exercise. Breath in slowly as you feel like a balloon and breath our slowly as you deflate.

By taking more oxygen into your lungs you sent more oxygen straight into your brain and that makes you feel more mentally and physically energized, uplifted and rejuvenated.

Eat Every Three Hours

Arrange your meal plan so that your eat every three hours as small, regular meals help your energy and blood sugar level remain steady throughout your day. Big meals need more energy to digest which make you more sleepy, inactive and lethargic.

Make sure to include protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats in your small meals. Healthy fats like fish and nuts leave you feeling full and satisfied so that you do not go after sweets, cookies, candies and crackers an hour after your meal.

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Turn on the music is one of the most effective ways to beat your sleepiness and inactivity but also to fight your anxiety, stress and tension. Actually, music obstructs and decreases your fatique.

Even more, people who do any kind of task, work or activity while listening to music succeed to accomplish that quicker, better and more effectively than those who do it without music. For example, people who work out, train or jog with music are much more effective, run faster and have a better performance while they are exercising.

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