How to Earn Points and Save Money on Muscle and Strength

Muscle & Strength LLC. has been on top of the game for years as far as health and fitness are concerned. At you can learn how to stay fit, burn fat, build muscle, and most importantly, stay healthy. If your fitness goal is to lose weight and you are asking yourself Why  Am I Not Losing Weight, the answer is that you do not assist your weight loss endeavor by taking the fat loss supplements. Muscle and Strength stocks a wide range of health supplements and fitness gear; and ships worldwide.

And now, shopping at can save you a lot of money. How? Shop, Earn and Spend Reward Points, and Save Money! In this post, we are going to look at the ways to earn points and save money while shopping on Muscle and Strength.

How to Earn Points and Save Money on Muscle and Strength

There are various ways to earn yourself points on Muscle and Strength. You can then spend the points on a variety of products and gear which saves you a lot of cash. Here are some of the ways to earn reward points on;

1. Shop at Muscle and Strength

Every dollar you spend on Muscle and Strength earns you two reward points. So the more you purchase, the more points added to your reward points balance. You can use these points to buy any product you want.

For instance, you could get a pair of padded lifting straps that goes for $12.99 with just 375 points, 100% Pure Fish Oil ($27.99) with 1425 points, among other health products and fitness gear.

2. Review Products

By reviewing a product you bought on Muscle and Strength, you will earn 15 reward points. And the review doesn’t have to be long; just leave a few words on your experiences with our products and get your points.

3. Share on Various Social Media Platforms

Earn reward points by sharing by on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. To earn points this way, you have to use the share buttons that appear on the Order Success Page (the page that says ‘Thank You!’ after you’ve successfully placed an order).

4. Refer Your Friends

One of the reasons why Muscle and Strength is your prefered fitness supplement shop is that You can earn a good amount of points by referring friends. There are two ways you can easily refer friends to shop at Muscle and Strength;

– Using your referral code

Upon registration on Muscle and Strength, you are given a referral code. Give this code to the people you intend to refer. Once they enter the code when creating an account or when placing an order with us, reward points are automatically added to your point balance.

– Using your URL

When a person clicks on your URL and goes ahead to create an account or place an order with us, your account will be credited with reward points.
You will often get 500 reward points for every referral that leads to a sale.

Bonus Birthday Points

Create an account with us, be a rewards member and we will give you 50 bonus reward points on your birthday to spend on anything you want!

Tips on Saving Money on Muscle and Strength

1. Save with MuscleandStrength Coupons

The MuscleandStrength store has a variety of coupon codes which you can redeem online to save a significant amount of money. Whether it’s a coupon for free shipping or a coupon to save $20 off your $250 order, you will find their promo codes a real treat! Check out this page where we have compiled all available Muscle and Strength coupon codes.

2. Exclusive Products and Gear

Spend the rewards points you earn on exclusive products and gear and save significant amounts of money.  You need to obtain this fitness gear to motivate yourself to exercise because it is well known how physical exercise makes your brain work better.

You can get a T-shirt with 599 points, a shaker cup for 795 points, a woven gym towel with 145 points, free shipping for 499 points, Carb Killa Protein with 1300points, EAA Max with 1599 points, etc.

3. Product and Gear Order Discounts

Muscle and Strength regularly offers customers a variety of discounts and great deals on a wide range of products and gear. Take advantage of this and save huge amounts of money. For instance, you could use our coupons on various products and get discounts of up to 40%.

4. Use your bonus birthday points

You can make extra money in Muscle and Strength if you use your extra birthday points to get whatever you want. So when it is your birthday, be sure to take advantage of your bonus points and save money!