How I Make Money as an Affiliate of is among the top health and fitness site. With over 7000 health and fitness products and gear including more than 250 supplements, the online store is among the most visited. Apart from this extensive collection of products, customers can get access to a variety of tools that can help them reach their goals such as fat loss and weight loss. Because, Yes exercise really does play a role in weight loss and fitness supplements together with fitness gear will help perform better at the gym and achieve better workout results. The site has great resources which include workout routines, diet plan guides, resource videos, great articles, et cetera.

In this piece, I am going to tell you how I make money as an affiliate of Last year, I made $130, 000 as an affiliate of the store and I just feel compelled to share. Read through to find out why you should consider promoting and make money in the process.

How I Make Money as an Affiliate of

Of Course, I first had to join their Affiliate Program

Muscle & Strength uses Commission Junction which provides affiliates with real-time reporting and tracking. To join the affiliate program, you have to fill the Affiliate Application Form with Commission Junction.

Once your application has been approved, you will be provided with a variety of online tools that will help you maximize your performance. I take full advantage of these tools to see to it that I have as many clicks and conversions as possible. Commission Junctions sends me monthly commission payments.

Hundreds of deals and coupons to promote

As pointed out earlier, Muscle & Strength has a wide range of health and fitness products and gear which is why it can easily be your favorite supplement store. With over 7000 products which include more than 250 supplements, you have hundreds of options on what to promote. Plus, these products come with the most extensive array of deals and coupons. The site adds more deals and coupons daily. You can use these online promotions, sales and coupons to buy workout supplements to improve your workout sessions whether they are short or long.  For the reason that, short bursts of exercise may be as beneficial as regular workouts in extending life.

Affiliates are allowed to promote any offers on the site’s Deals and Coupon Page. As an affiliate, I noticed that promoting products with huge discounts (for instance, those with up to 40% or 30% off), new and trendy items have allowed me to earn points. So I promote as many of these products as possible. Unfortunately, though, affiliates are not allowed to promote the site’s internal coupons or the deals of the day.

They have an excellent commission structure

Muscle & Strength offers affiliates an excellent commission. You will earn a 10% commission for every single sale. And there are no caps on the money you can earn. The more conversions you engineer, the more money you earn. I take full advantage of this and promote as many products as possible.

They Give Me My Own MuscleandStrength Coupon

May be the most crucial and effective way for me to make money as Affiliate of is to use my own muscle and strength coupon code to buy on-line my favorite health, sports or workout supplements at a significantly discounted price.

The health and fitness website and online supplement store offers me a weekly renewed list of over 600 fitness products of any brand and any category at a lower cost to choose from. Now, you can get hold of the supplement product you choose and like by using the muscle and strength coupon code.

I take advantage of marketing material

As I mentioned earlier, once your application has been approved, you get access to a variety of promotional material. This includes product links, text links, and banners. You can also down Muscle & Strength’s complete product catalog. In my experience, using all of the marketing materials provided leads to more conversions, and thus more income.

However, it is advisable to always look out for new products, offers, deals, and coupons. I often promote these first, and I always get great results. Visit Muscle and Strength today, join their affiliate program and start making money.

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