Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Strong hands and fingers are important for both men and women not just for our sports activities and fitness exercises but for our daily lives and activities as well. With muscular and sturdy hands and fingers, we all cope much easier and more effectively with our everyday tasks, hobbies or other interests that require our physical action and movements. For me, to get the strength, endurance and dexterity I needed for my hands and fingers, I should start training with a “hand exerciser”.

The “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” with its unique and modern design allows me to do a variety of individual finger exercises and for this reason it can help me strengthen each of my fingers separately.

How does the “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” work?

In the video below, you can watch a user of the “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” showing the features of this device and the range of different hand and fingers exercises that you can perform with it.

The “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” is ideal for professional sports trainers, athletes, and therapists because it has an ability to provide an effective isolated resistance workout. It can fully develop your hand and finger strength and most importantly, it can train each one of your fingers separately, even your thumbs. For this reason, this hand exercise can fit the demands of people who train for climbing.

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” comes in four different color-coded models of graduated resistance. The yellow offers extra-light tension of 3 pounds per finger, the blue is for light tension of 5 pounds per finger, the red is for medium tension of 7 pounds per finger and finally, the black is for heavy tension of 9 pounds per finger.

With each gripper, you get an illustrated pamphlet with a handful of exercises you can perform. You can do exercises such as pinch grips, trigger squeezes and morse code tapping. In addition to hands and fingers, the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” are also designed to build wrist and forearm strength.

What others are saying? Does the “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” deliver?

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” has a very good quality. It can give you a more complete and balanced grip strength and it is also durable, sturdy and well-crafted. It is designed in such a way as to fit in your hands and fingers easily and does not allow your fingers to slip or move around. It is small and light and many of its users point out that you can easily workout at home, office or wherever you like.

The “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” is meant to be used by athletes and sportsmen, but it is also great for climbers, musicians and for a huge range of activities where finger and hand strength is necessary. A amateur musician after a week of workout with this hand exerciser claims that his guitar has never sounded so good.

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Will it help me to get better in my sports?

While the “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” isolates and exercises each finger separately, it also strengthens the hands, wrists, and forearms. This is the reason why this device gives such positive effects on athletes that are involved in any sports activity. In your everyday life, it increases your blood circulation,  your energy, vigor and liveliness.

Athletes enjoy a better control of the baseball or softball bat, they improve their tennis racket control and they also strengthen the weaker fingers when they play golf, shoot, dribble and pass with a better accuracy in basketball games. Climbers develop the strength and endurance of their forearm, hand and fingers.

Pros and cons


  • Guitar, piano and violin musicians and basically all the music instruments players improve their performance with stronger hands, fingers, wrists and forearms
  • Athletes, professional sportsmen or amateur sports players achieve better results in any sports, events and disciplines they may compete or participate that require the use of strong hands, fingers, wrists and forearms (better hitting or throwing)
  • It is comfortable and portable and does not tear your hands up like the metal gripper
  • It prevents any injury as it maintains the suppleness and flexibility of your hand
  • Ideal for accident rehabilitation


  • For most athletes it is relatively easy to close the grips as the resistance is not hard and tough enough for people who are already quite strong themselves
  • Due to the hard plastic, after a while your fingers start to hurt
  • It is rather difficult to accommodate larger than average hands

Problems and complaintsgripmaster

The most serious problem the users of this hand exerciser have faced is that it is pretty easy for them to close the grips. In fact, it does not provide the tension and resistance as advertised.  For example, the Black Hand Exerciser  of the heavy tension and 9 pounds per finger feels like 1 pound instead of 9 according to one of its users.

Some others users have also expressed their concerns that this exerciser hurts while you press it. The press downs are made of hard plastic so if you have thin fingers the workout is painful and uncomfortable.

The final issue I would like to raise is about the size of the overall unit which seems to be quite small. It seems that a person with big hands cannot properly attach his fingers on the keys as they keep sliding off.

The “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” can improve your computer activity

If your job requires working on your computer and using a mouse and keyboard for a long period of time every day, then this hand exerciser can increase and maintain your hand, fingers and wrist strength. The “Gripmaster Hand Exerciser” is a great way to exercise and condition your hand while releasing some of that workday stress.

You can just take a break from your PC work and start pushing the individual finger buttons and give your hands, fingers and wrists a refreshing workout. In that way, you will increase the blood flow in your hands and you will also refresh the muscles and tendons which are critical when you are pushing the buttons on your keyboard.

How does it rate overall?

It seems that the majority of the people liked this hand exerciser. In the average customer reviews, it has achieved a 4.5-star rating out of 5.0. It is also worth mentioning that out of 387 reviews, 272 of them gave this product a 5-star rating and 71 of them gave it a 4-star rating.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy this hand exerciser at a great price on There are more reviews on available for you to read and find out what other users think of this hand exerciser.

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