Get In Shape For The Summer And Build Your Perfect Beach Body

Some things that really help me get motivated to workout is having certain workout gear which includes a good pair of sports shoes and exercises clothes which slim you down and flatter you as well. Obviously this isn’t a necessity but it’s definitely a fun way to help motivate yourself.

Also, something that is always helpful to you before and during your workout are some energy drinks or bars, a bottle of water and headphones for your music motivation. Additionally, keeping a workout plan with your exercises and the meals that you eat, this will definitely help you stay motivated and inspired.

#1 Go swimming

www.lifetoliveit.comYou must be wondering why swimming is so good for you and why fitness experts suggest swimming as a beneficial exercise?Swimming is the perfect workout for the summer as you can try different strokes and tone different areas of your body. It’s both cardio and strength training and since water is much denser than air your muscle are under constant resistance which results in a great workout. Swimming a great for your lungs and according to some studies regular swimmers are 20 years younger.

So, if you want your body to be healthier and younger for longer, then swimming is the workout for you.

#2 Go running

Fitness SupplementsRunning is definitely one of my favorite workouts and it’s actually proven to be one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight. If you are not into running, you should first learn how to start running. Establising the running habit into your life is not hard but you need to have a running pair of shoes and the desire to start moving yourself. Try going for a run in a really cool location to get motivated. You can also try to add in sports and other exercises midway through to help build muscle. If you are ever having a bad day or if you are struggling with stress or depression or anxiety, running is an awesome way to start feeling better.

When you run your brain releases hormones that naturally improve your mood. Therefore, once you start running, you will immediately feel less stressed out.

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#3 Fun cardio

If you are looking for easy and efficient cardio exercises, then jumping rope, hula hooping and using a skip it are three amazing, super easy and fun cardio exercises. These three cardio activities are very popular amongst young ages, many people grow up with these kinds of exercises and they keep on doing them without after the age of 20 and 30.

It’s awesome to add some fun exercises in your daily workout while you are getting fit at the same time. Discover more here about cardio exercises that you can do anytime of the day at home and will help you tone your muscles, burn calories and lose weight. For example, some of these exercises are Jump Rope, Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers and Squat Jumps.

#4 Go biking

online supplement storeBiking is another awesome way to get outside, get active and have a lot of fun. Try biking with your friends and you can also try riding your bike around instead of driving when you have to travel short distances. In that way, you do your workout and you also respect the environment.

#5 Stretch and strengthen

As part of my workout routine, I always like to incorporate some planks crunches, squats and stretches. Mountain climbers, kicks and planks are great to train your abs while back flips, back kicks , bridges and squats are awesome to tone the rest of your body.

#6 Try Yoga

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Yoga is an awesome way to focus on your body and meditate while building long lean muscles and the same time. Usually Yoga studio offer a trial class for free, so what not try it out and see if you like it. Yoga helps improve flexibility, balance and mental well-being. Also, it’s an awesome way to meet new people.

#7 Revamp your diet

Important part of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a good diet so try cooking your meals at home whenever you can. Always know exactly what goes into your food because it’s very easy to consume unhealthy ingredients like sodium, preservatives and unhealthy fats.

If you like drinking soda everyday, then try replacing with sparkling water, flavored water or another healthier option. The sugary chemicals in soda will not help you achieve  you want and it’s amazing how much more energy you will have and how much better you will feel if you drink healthy drinks.

#8 Find the right swimsuit

When it comes to feeling confident and fabulous in you swimwear it’s really important that you have a bathing suit that flatters your figure. But, remember that you are already beautiful in your own way, rock your body with confidence and keep working towards your goals.

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