Four Ideas To Stay Physically Active At Home

Studies and researches have concluded that reaming physically fit and active gives you hude benefits as it keeps your body in great shape, it helps you maintain great health and it improves your mood, as well.

Staying fit and physically active, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, may seem very discouraging, intimidating and scary, but there are easy, effective and very feasible ways to follow a fitness regime even when staying at home.

In this article, we suggest four fitness activities that you can do at your own house, at any time.

1. Yoga

Below, is a yoga video for relaxation as well as stress and anxiety relief.

Yoga is an excellent option to stay flexible and active while you are at home. Many recent reports and researches have asserted that Yoga can easy symptoms of depression and improve a person’s well-being in varied ways. Indicatively, some of the benefits of yoga incorporate relieving back pain, alleviating stress, increase your muscle and strength and anxiety and boosting you mood.

Indeed, there are many choices of different kinds of yoga for you out there with different levels of difficulty and intensity. Also, there are many different styles of online yoga classes for you to adopt at a point where it is hard to know where to start from.

2. At-home Pilates

Below, a Full-body workout Pilates video to tone and shape your legs, butt and abs.

Pilates, as a form of physical exercise, has become very prominent the last 20 years because it increases your body strength and it improves your balance and posture.

Many health and fitness studies have found out that Pilates has indeed many benefits as it greatly improves your sleep quality it hugely alleviates your chronic Back Pain. Furthermore, a good Pilates routine can improve you muscular flexibility and endurance.

Anyone, man or woman of all ages, can do Pilates exercises at home and there is a huge assortment of on-line videos giving you custom-fit exercises that can fulfill your goals and ambitions.

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3. Cardio at home

There is an enormous collection of on-line videos that are giving your great home cardio ideas to lose weight and burn fat and calories. The best video choice for you depends on your fitness level and what your fitness goal is.

Cardiovascular workout, which is identical to aerobic exercise, benefits you by rising your heart rate. Additionally, High Intensity Interval Training which involves really short workouts will make you sweat, breath hard, help you burn calories and fat without you having to commit too much time.

Some examples of good and effective cardio exercises include running, swimming, rowing, cycling, jumping rope, jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, walking.

As reported by various reports and researches, cardio exercise can greatly contribute to weight loss, good brain function and keeping your Cholesterol levels at good levels.

4. Calisthenics at home

There is a big variety of online Calisthenics workout videos that are ideal for beginners and can transform your body.

Calisthenics is the kind of exercise that utilizes your body weight to train your major muscles. These exercises help you fix any problem you have whether you want to boost your energy levels, boost your mental health, improve your mood, lose weight or strengthen your bones and muscles.

Some very good ideas of Calisthenics are Bicycle Crunches, Front and Back Lunges, One-leg push up, Forearm Push-ups, Tricep-Dips, Burpees, Jamping Jacks, planks and push-ups.  People can do these exercises anywhere. Some calisthenics, for example pull-ups that require you having a pull-up bar – might not be so easy to do, but most Calisthenics exercises are easy to achieve.

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