Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

It is very important for me to sleep well during the day, as I have to feel both relaxed and strong so that I can focus on my sports and fitness activities during the day. Exactly, because I needed to feel refreshed, energetic and alert during the day I had to buy a sleep tracker. A sleep tracker would measure my sleep cycle to help me find out how to sleep and it would also track my daily fitness activities as it would track my day down to details a pedometer cannot catch.

I was looking for a small, stylish modern sleep and activity tracker that would help me to track my daily cardiovascular activities such as the calories I have burnt and the distance I have covered. From a first look, the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker” had exactly what I wanted from a sleep tracker. However, I wanted to know more about this small device and ultimately decide if it could be meet my expectations for a good tracker.

How does the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker” work?

In the video below, you can watch an expert giving a thorough description of how the Fitbit One works, the functions it has and how it helps you monitoring your sleep and counting your daily steps, distance covered, stairs climbed and calories burned.

The “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker” is an unbelievably small gadget that can be your personal trainer. You just fill in your personal details and it'll help you to work out your BMI, to set your fitness goals and even to manage your diet. If you keep it updated with the meals and snacks you have eaten and it will advise if you need fewer or more calories per day to reach your goals. It also tracks your steps, the distance you walked throughout the day, your calories burned and stairs you have climbed.

You can even wear it at night to track your sleep pattern. It monitors how long and how well you sleep and it even wakes you – and not your partner – with a silent alarm. Additionally, you just plug into the USB dock and you keep the motivation coming. You set your goals, you view your progress with charts and graphs and you even earn badges. It also gives you the ability to share and compete with your friends throughout the day. 

It is so small and discreet that you wear it in a pocket, on a belt or in a bra. It has a rechargeable battery and it is also sweat-, rain- and splash-proof. Even more, you can download the Fitbit app to your iPhone or apple gadget and you can keep track of your data details while you are away from your PC. Your stats upload wirelessly via computer or select Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as the iPhone 4S. The Fitbit now has an Android App so you can use it with any Android device.

What others are saying? Does the “Fitbit Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker” deliver?

In the video below, you can watch a user of the Fitbit One giving her own review and personal testimony on this fitness tracking device.

The Fitbit One can indeed be your motivational tool, your personal trainer, your lifestyle coach and all these on a 24/7 basis and all into one place. You can enjoy the calm and tender wake up of the vibration of the FitBit One instead of your irritating radio alarm. The silent alarm is easy to set and you can even synch the alarm from the iPhone.

If you are passionate with any form of data such as sleep monitoring, calorie monitoring, activity monitoring, your heart rate, your distance you have travelled or the steps you have taken, then this little device will become your favorite. Even more, you will like the Fitbit Dashboard website, which helps you to access all sorts of important data in an instant. For example, you can track a huge variety of foods that are already in it.

I should also point out that the instructions are clear. It is also very easy to pair the device with the software. The Fitbit One’s small and compact size is awesome and its feature of tracking your sleep is insightful. Ultimately, this device motivates you to make better decisions on a daily basis. You can lose weight quickly by simply tracking your food consumption and your fitness activities.

Unboxing, setup and overview of the "Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker"

In the video below, you can watch a customer/user of the Fitbit One Tracker unboxing, setting up and going through the features, functions and characteristics of this Fitness tracking device.

Will the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker” motivate me to exercise more?

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus SleepFirst of all, let me emphasize how significant it is for you to exercise regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. Exactly here is where the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker” comes as a superb motivational tool which helps you to accomplish this objective. This gadget does indeed keep you excited about your workouts and it also keeps you inspired to continue work out.

The Fitbit One gadget helps you to keep track of your fitness activities and goals in its Wireless Activity Tracker. Fitbit One’s very sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to even the minor details. As it enables you to monitor your fitness and any healthy activity, it also encourages you work out more, to walk more, to take a few more stairs encouraging you to take the stairs at home or work, or to burn more calories.

Pros and cons


  • Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep 2It tracks your sleep and it makes you better understand what helps you sleep better
  • It helps you lose your weight and keep your general well-being and health
  • It is very comfortable for you to wear, very lightweight, very small, very discreet, extremely easy to use
  • You get a clear picture of how you are doing and where you are heading with regard your fitness activities and your sleeping quality.
  • It motivates you to get up and start exercising
  • You get very good instructions and it is very easy to set it up
  • You get a very long battery life
  • You get a wrist strap to put the unit into while you sleep and a small rubber clip to attach it to your belt while you walk


  • It gives you rather restricted customization of your account, it does not allow for creation of your own targets fitness-wise.
  • The tracker sensitivity measures bumps and jostles like driving a car using public transportation, etc. and incorrectly registers them as steps taken and floors climbed.
  • The calorie tracker is not always accurate
  • It can easily be lost as it does not have a safety clip and it easily slips off while you jog or walk – the holster is not comfortable or secure
  • The messages are flashed so fast you have difficulty reading them fast enough

Problems and complaints

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep 5The biggest problem that I have encountered in the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker” is that the little piece that holds it on your belt only offers a very weak almost nonexistent attachment to your belt. In fact, the design of the holster is flawed and the Fitbit One can very easily pop out of this holder mid-workout and never to be seen again.

Another serious issue is that the Fitbit One shows oversensitivity in any vehicle-related motions and as a result, it measures bumps and jostles as steps. It is also frustrating that the Fitbit One seems to have a problem to fully and effectively apply its remote sync capabilities via Bluetooth. It seems that you can only manage one manual sync. It may also be the case that it is rather “difficult to sync with the Iphone”. Even if you have the iphone 5 running the 6.0.1 it may crash while it tries to sync.

The “Fitbit One Sleep Tracker” can improve your sleep quality

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep 3The ultimate purpose of the “Fitbit sleep tracker” is to change your sleep patterns and greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Better quality of sleep will help your brain function better during the day and when you are at work. So, basically, "Fitbit One Sleep Tracker" aims to give you a better, stress-free and undisturbed sleep. How it does that? It is designed in such a way to measure how long and how well you sleep and then it gives you a feedback of your sleep patterns when it uploads wirelessly your data to

In that way, you can gain further understanding into your daily or monthly health and sleep levels with online index graphs and charts. In the end, you clearly and efficiently make up your own mind what exactly gives you a bad sleep and how you can make yourself have a better sleep.

How does it rate overall?

It seems that the extreme majority of the users of the Fitbit One liked this device as in the average customer review it has achieved a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0. It is also remarkable that out of 295 customer reviews, 184 of them have given this product a 5-star rating and 53 of them have given this product a 4-star rating.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy the “Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker” at a great price on There are more reviews on for you to read and find out how other users of this trainer evaluate this product and how exactly it performs.

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