Exerpeutic 900Xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike Review

A few months ago, I learned about the recumbent bikes and I instantly loved them. They are ideal for my indoor cyclist exercise as they offer a good cardiovascular exercise and a good muscle strength training. Because of their special design, I felt the need to buy one for my home as they would sufficiently support my back and buttocks where I had experienced pain in the past while cycling.

After a research in the market I found the “Exerpeutic 900Xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse”.  I was really enthusiastic with the design and appearance of this bike. But will it make the difference in my fitness exercise? Will it also prove to be better than the traditional indoor stationary bike? I carried out a research and I looked at each and every aspect of this recumbent indoor bike.   

How does the “Exerpeutic 900Xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike” work?

The “Exerpeutic 900XI” features an on-board computer which portrays all the basic elements of your run on a console. It displays your heart rate monitor, you calories you have burnt, even more practical numbers like the distance you have covered and the speed and time you have traveled. It also offers a steady, soft and consistent ride and it ensures a very smooth motion of the pedals.

This machine can accommodate weight of up to 300 pounds. Moreover, it features large seats made of cushion and a large rest for the back as well.  Any person of any size can find comfort on that kind of seat. This equipment operates with absolute quietness so anyone can watch TV or listen to music at the same time.

With the leg stabilizers any movement of the bike while you exercise is totally prevented. This is the reason why this equipment offers complete stabilization. This bike is ideal for both beginners and experts because the user can control the difficulty of the exercise with the 8-level Magnetic Tension control system.

What Others Are Saying – Does the “Exerpeutic 900Xl” Really Deliver?

The LCD display has been one of the favorite features amongst the users of the "Exerpeutic 900XI". Jack J. gives great emphasis to the information portrayed on the LCD console and he underlines that so far he has had an “excellent time with this bike”.

Another reviewer called J. Kemmerly gives credit to the outstanding value for money that this piece of equipment represents. He “highly recommends this bike” for anyone seeking to achieve a good workout .

This bike is smooth, steady, solid it is very quite while it operates. Jamie Sebenius is able to watch TV while he exercises but he is also enjoying how well designed and well constructed this machine appears to be. He sees absolute functionality in this device and he notes that “you get a great workout”.

Anyone can simply, swiftly and easily assemble this bike. Quadking is a female user who assembled this bike without any help in less than 1 ½ hours. She notes that this machine is “a great bike at a great price”.

Another video-review of the Exerpeutic 900Xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Below, you can enjoy another description of the features and the kind of workout that the Exerpeutic 900XL Bike can give you.

Will it help me improve my fitness exercise?

Exactly because this equipment is more ergonomically designed and operated, any user of this bike can ride for a longer period of time and faster than he would on a normal bike and of course with greater comfort. As a result, he strengthens his muscles and his cardiovascular system becomes stronger and faster. The "Exerpeutic 900XI" does not just offer you a great physical activity, but it also gives you the opportunity to fight and reduce your stress from work now within the tranquility and privacy of your own home. You can now exercise as soon as you come back from your workplace. 

The reclined, legs-forward position of this bike, with the 8-level magnetic resistance and the smooth and consistent feeling on the pedals, prevent any strain on the wrists, back and neck. As a result they give much better physical activity. It is remarkable that even at fast speeds “it has been very solid and stable”.The experience of the reviewer Scott Holm is indeed remarkable as he notes that after only a 15-minute exercise he “was sweating pretty good” which shows the effectiveness of this bike.

Pros and cons


  • Very durable because of the  quality and solidness of the frame
  • You can watch TV or listen to music as it is very quite
  • It has a smooth, stable and simple operation
  • Very easy to assemble
  • You can ride faster,  for more period of time and with much less discomfort


  • It takes some time for your legs to adapt
  • It takes a while to get used to this kind of cycling
  • Not so easy to adjust the seat
  • Heart rate monitor is not always accurate

Problems and complaints

The most common complaint amongst the reviewers is that both the calories burnt counter and the heart rate monitor are not accurate. It seems that both these twp indications “are off by a large margin”.  Another problem has to do with the adjustment of the seat in different heights. It is indeed true that the way of adjusting the seat “could have been simplified more”.

The warrantly does not accurately describes the period of time that the parts of this product are covered up. Apparently, the instructions are elusive as to what exactly is covered up “to 3 years versus 90 days”.

The “Exerpeutic 900Xl” offers both good exercise and fun

The “Exerpeutic 900Xl” is not just offering a great fitness exercise. A big difference with the traditional stationary exercise bicycle is that it offers great safety and it makes for a lot of fun. There is really no doubt that “the bike itself is pleasure to use”.

Another issue that contributes to the fun of cycling on this bike is that, you apply less physical stress on your legs. As you cycle, your back rests against a firm seat back which seriously reduces any possible stress injuries to the wrist, neck, or back. Such is the design of this recumbent bike that it can definitely offer you “a sturdy, comfortable and smooth moving”.

How Does the It Rate Overall?

The average customer review has given the “Exerpeutic 900Xl”, a 4.5-star rating. Most reviewers like this equipment as, out of 62 customer reviews, 40 of them have given this bike a 5-star rating and 17 of them have given a 4-star rating. 

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can purchase the “Exerpeutic 900Xl” at a great price on Amazon.com. You can also read more reviews about this recumbent bike so that, you can get a better idea of the features and benefits of this device. 

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