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If you choose to sell your apartment or your house in Portsmouth, you are required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC, which clearly indicates the level of your residence’s energy efficiency.

So, an EPC is an official certification that demonstrates whether you residence is an energy efficient house or not. This documentation incorporates some projected energy costs together with a synopsis of your house’s energy-performance metrics. A home energy efficiency survey suggests some recommendations that would immediately increase your home’s energy efficiency. It also has the estimated costs of applying these modifications as well as the annual savings you can expect.

An Energy Performance Certificate rates a house sustainable architecture by using an energy efficiency rating from most efficient (A) to the least efficient (G) and remains valid for 10 years.

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To find an EPC provider in Portsmouth you can search for “EPC Portsmouth”

Portsmouth’s 10% workforce has a career at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, which is associated to the city’s principal industry, defense. Also, the head office of BAE Systems Surface Ships is located in the city. BAE’s Portsmouth dockyard was awarded the construction of the two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

Portsmouth has quite a few theatres. The Groundlings Theatre which was constructed in 1784, is located at the Old Beneficial School in Portsea.   The refurbished Kings Theatre in Southsea hosts national tours and amateur musicals.  Finally, The New Theatre Royal in Guildhall Walk, in the city centre, concentrates on professional drama.

Portsmouth houses IBM’s headquarters in the United Kingdom. City shopping is revolved around Commercial Road and the Cascades Shopping Centre, with 185,000 to 230,000 people visiting it every week. Revitalization has built original shopping zones, including the Gunwharf Quays with stores, restaurants and a cinema and the Historic Dockyard, which holds an annual Victorian Christmas market.

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What Does An EPC Report Include?

An Energy Performance Certificate presents a number of credible ways to improve your energy efficiency rating and also gives some representative costs. These upgrades will help you, your occupant’s or buyer cut costs on invoices and alleviate the environmental impact of your house.

  • Low-energy lighting: a slight change with no structural modification, using light bulbs with low-energy is an easy and cheap way to decrease the energy costs.
  • Better heating system: a heating system contains a boiler burns either oil or gas or solid fuel which is wood or coal. The EPC certificate check recommends you that you should install condensing boilers which are more powerful than regular ones.
  • Double glazing: windows always keep more heat inside the home when they are double-glazed, lessening the requirement for heating.
  • Better heating control methods: heating controls have mechanism that decide when the heating is on or off. They also incorporate thermostats which control a room’s temperature and a thermostatic radiator which controls the temperature of the water in the heater.
  • Insulation for your loft, roof, walls and floor.
  • Solar panels which contribute to greener and cheaper energy.

To have a list of energy improvement recommendations for your own property in Portsmouth you can contact a Domestic Energy Assessor at epc4less here.

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