Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection Review

I think it would be pleasing to have the same attractive appeal as the stars and celebrities of the world.  But I don’t like the notion of many of the creams, lotions, potions, surgeries, and various other body modifiers.  Yoga seems very popular though among the stars.  And Yoga can do a multitude of wonders. Yoga can help you lose weight, burn fat and calories, get a toned and sculpted physique and it can even help your brain function better.

Bryan Kest is a well known Yoga instructor with an old loft studio in California.  Many of these stars with that certain sex appeal have visited his studio for lessons.  Celebrities take their look very seriously.  After all, their looks are their lifeline for their business.  Because of this, I trust their opinion to a degree.  Bryan Kest has a home video session, originally on VHS and converted to DVD, available with three different lessons.  It’s called Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection.

How Does Power Yoga Work?

The complete collection is divided into three different sessions; Energize, Tone, and Sweat.  Each session is designed for a different degree of skill level and different targeted results.

Energize is designed to get the blood pumping and the body moving.  This is the beginners session of the collection.  This routine is designed to help provide more natural energy throughout the day, making the person focused and aware.

Tone is the next skill level.  The poses become a little more intermediary.  The routine is a little more in depth and strenuous.  This lesson is designed to help tone and lift the muscles, giving the body a clean cut and sexy shape.

And the last session is sweat.  This routine is designed for straight calorie burning and losing weight.  Sweat is the highest skill level of the collection and requires the most command over the body.  This routine becomes much harder and much rougher on the body.

Through each session Bryan Kest does a lot more talking and instructing, leaving the visual example of poses to his supporting actors.  During each lesson, Bryan will correct the students on posture, providing examples of common mistakes and alternatives to each pose if it is to hard to complete.

What Are Others Saying?

This collection was originally debuted on VHS but has since converted to DVD.  Many of his followers updated to the DVD copy to be able to keep the collection.

He has a high level of workout.  Amy Wallace said that the lessons are great and get her sweating while becoming energized and peaceful after each session.  Many others have repeated these same results.  The Ashtanga variety of Yoga Bryan teaches provides a level of enjoyment and challenge that isn’t easily meet by other DVDs.

Bryan is also praised for his instructions.  As M. Maier points out, instructions spoken through each routine are crisp and clear. Mr. Kest comes highly regarded for his lingual skills with home fitness videos to clearly communicate proper posture and position.

Others love the personal accountability Bryan exposes during his sessions.  Nire states that Bryan gives emphasis on pushing yourself. More specifically, he is asking you to be  personally responsible with your own life and do whatever is beneficial to your body.

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How Much Weight Will I Lose?

fat loss supplement discount code and promo codeYoga has a superb reputation for weight loss.  The positions challenge the body with resistance while lengthening and stretching the muscles.

Yoga is excellent for a slenderising and toning effect on the body.  Weight loss and toning changes can often be noticed within five days of starting.


Bryan gives emphasis throughout each set to only push the body as far as it can go and to not over due the stretches.  He also provides alternative poses for people not flexible enough to perform what is demonstrated on screen.

This is provided with good reason.  If proper posture is not maintained, the body can easily be injured.  Make sure to practice proper form with any Yoga routine.

Pros And Cons


  • Very thorough
  • Each level can be tweaked to suit ability and mood
  • Each level is challenging
  • Each routine works the body from head to toe


  • Bryan Kest talks a lot and can be distracting
  • Routines can be long
  • Production feels dated

Problems And Complaints

This complete set was originally recorded as VHS movies and later transferred to DVD.  The material in this DVD set is excellent, but at this point it feels dated.  It is easy to tell this was an early production work and this can really bother some people.

Along with the early production work is the demeanor of Bryan Kest.  He comes off as more of an 80’s rock band fitness Fabio than a Yoga instructor.  Sometimes, I find it hard to take him seriously.  This may have been more back in the 80s acceptable when the film was produced, but today a different image of yoga is pictured, without stonewashed cut off jeans and long hair.

My last complaint has to do with the length of the sessions.  Sometimes, time may be a constraint and a shorter, 20 minute workout may be desired.  I can understand the limitations as a VHS, but converting over to a DVD it would have been nice if the producers made shorter block options to use.

How does it rate Overall?

Bryan Kest’s videos are showing their age.  But the quality of material comes highly rated.  Many users have seen results.

The collection comes with three different full length workouts that each run about 50 minutes a piece.  This DVD is of a  great value that I can easily recommend. It can help you to tone up your body and also to drop your weight.

Where Can I buy this product and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy this DVD at a great price on There are more customers of this DVD who give their own evaluation and judgement about this product and how it has helped them to keep them fit and tone their muscles.

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