Best Low-Impact Cardio For Losing Body Fat: Expert Advice

Low impact exercise is not very popular because people always assume that high impact exercise is the only way you can lose fat and develop muscle and strength. However, low impact cardio has its place in your workout routine. This type of exercise allows everyone to work out regardless of their age and physical condition because they are easy on the joints.

Among the reasons why a lot of people are unfit is because they are unable to maintain a regular work out program. Low impact cardio is very easy, and it allows you to maintain a workout program that keeps you fit. For example, you have an immensely productive low-impact cardio workout with your rowing cardio exercise at your own rowing machine in your home. Rowing machine allows you to burn some serious calories, it is great for yours lungs and heart, it is great alternative to the elliptical and treadmill and all these at the comfort and privacy of your own property.

But how do you identify the right little impact cardio exercise for you?

Best Low-Impact Cardio for Fat Loss

High impact cardiovascular exercises burn fat very fast and has multiple benefits both for your body and for your health. Interval training, which is one of the most popular high impact cardio exercise, has multiple benefits:

    1. It burns your belly fat, strengthens and sculpts your abs.
    2. You lose overall body fat very fast
    3. You burn huge amounts of calories
    4. You dramatically increase your metabolic rate
    5. It is a fountain of youth
    6. It is enormously beneficial for your heart
    7. You do not need any equipment

However, for you to burn the same amount of fat using low impact cardiovascular exercises, you need to commit more time. There are several options for low impact cardio exercise, including:

Walking is the most common type of low impact cardio. According to experts, walking 40 minutes a day is a good way to lose fat and develop muscle and strength. You can also choose to swim. The water makes a good exercising ground because you do not have to do much, and yet you exercise your entire body. Zumba and elliptical are other forms of exercise that are low impact, but yet they can help you lose a lot of fat.

Are tired of biking in your gym? You can also try Indoor cycling. When you cycle, you take away the pressure off your joints, but you still offer exercise to your cardiovascular system. You can choose to stand or sit. If you feel that standing is putting pressure on your knees, you can remain seated and pedal.

Finally, you can try cardio kickboxing. This technique combines cardio and boxing so that you can get sweating within no time. You can practice this technique at home because you do not require a bag; all the moves that you make can be carried out in the air to ensure that there is minimal impact. To choose the best exercise activities, mix different types so that you can identify the ones that you love.

How Often Should You Exercise To Burn Fat

You should exercise as often as possible. Exercise is one of the most important fat-burning strategies along with healthy eating. Experts recommend that you split up the exercise sessions throughout the day so that you can get more time to work out. When you feel that you are ready for a more intensive work out, you can mix up high impact workout exercises to your exercise routine.

Low impact exercises are recommendable for beginners, but they are also recommended for people who are regularly on high-impact workouts. High-impact workouts are very risky, and you cannot do them every day. If you are working out regularly, you are recommended to mix up your high work out exercises with low impact exercises so that you do not injure yourself.

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