Best and most effective ways to motivate yourself to exercise

It is true that people fail to commit themselves to an exercise program because they just lose their dedication to stay focused to their exercise routine. We should be honest here: commitment to an exercise program is difficult sometimes. You have taken the major step which is to start working out to get fit and get in shape. However, now you realize that sticking to your everyday workout program is as hard as your first decision to start working out.

Committing yourself to a workout program is much more simple and effortless if you give yourself motivation and make your exercise and everyday practice and part of your daily life. Regular exercise takes off years of laziness as it takes away the damage people have caused to themselves by sitting and not doing anything for years. Your daily obligations, you job, your household tasks may be excuses for you not to keep up with your exercise program

This is exactly where most people struggle with.  Unlike what you believed so far that exercise may be boring, unexciting, painful or just difficult to do, it only needs persistence, patience and good scheduling.

Four successful ways to motivate yourself to exercise

Plan your workout in advance

Planning in advance is one of the most important ways of changing your behavior towards your exercise. For example, you can plan in advance the muscle group you will exercise, the sets and the repetitions of your exercise.  That will vitally increase your chances of being committed to your exercise program. After all, working out regularly has multiple benefits as physical exercise makes your brain work better.  If your brain works better you will be able to cope faster and more effectively with the reality of the everyday life.

In case you are going for any kind of outdoor fitness or cardio program, you can plan in detail and in advance where and how you will work out to avoid anything that can hold you up such as bad weather.  When you plan your exercise program on day or even two days in advance you are even more psychologically and mentally prepared.

Simple things, such as preparing your exercise clothing or having your fitness bag ready from the previous day make you instantly more determined to be committed and stick to your exercise program.

Set a goal for your exercise

It happens very often that you cannot be committed to your exercise routine simply because it does not fit with your personality or your lifestyle. It may also be the case that you have many ambitions from yourself and you get up being exhausted and worn out from a very strenuous exercise program.

What exactly do you want to achieve with your exercise program? Which muscle group do you wish to train today? What type of body do you want to have after 6 months or one year?

A goal does not necessarily have to be to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain period of time. A goal can be on a daily or weekly basis by working out 45 minutes each time or completing five workouts a week. I want to emphasize at this point that you should rather set specific and very well-designated and well-described goals on a short-term basis rather than generalized and vague goals on a long terms basis.

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Exercise with a friend

exercise with a friendI would advise you to work out with a friend, your partner or ideally with even a trainer. In that way, you are instantly much more motivated and you feel more accountable as there is another person who is watching you each and every time.

It is more enjoyable to work out with another person. In general, those who choose to exercise with a friend are doing much better in exercising consistently.

It can be a friend of yours who shares the same goals with you and he can help you to stay committed to your exercise program. He can just encourage you to stay devoted to your exercise. But also, from your part you feel obliged to turn up in the gym because he has turned up as well. A friend is also very important in case you suffer any injuries, serious muscle pain, tensions or bruises during a strenuous workout exercise.

Listening to music

music 1It is true that a strong, vibrant, full of energy and inspiration music rhythm can urge you to keep exercising. I can speak from my own experience here as I have seen that a lively and vivacious fast music tempo always commits me to my exercise program. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between music and commitment to your exercise.

Take also into account that music takes your mind off the various issues that upset you and at the same time, it gives you an uplifting, elevating and motivating mood. Those who listen to music while they are exercising give more passion and intensity to their exercise.

They also exercise for a longer period of time and they even try more sets and more repetitions in each exercise. You do not want to listen to soft, yoga-type music. You want strong, upbeat music. So, what you have to do is to turn up the music, stay committed and focused and start exercising hard.

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