Amazing healthy snack ideas to avoid gaining weight and fat

In this article, we are talking about snacking but you have to be careful to distinguish between eating for emotion and eating for actual hunger. That means how to tell part between hunger vs cravings. Here, is a question I ask myself when I want to snack: “if I had an apple right now, would that satisfy my hunger”? If I answer “No” to this question, then I most likely have cravings.

Eat with intention and eat with attention. The rules of snack are the same as clean eating. Stick to Organic Foods and Products as much as you can. Avoid those sugary, empty foods. Sugar goes into your body, you instantly feel high and then you feel down, you feel that you have no energy, liveliness and vibrancy. You have to snack mindfully and be conscious of your body.

We are describing five amazing snack ideas that will also help you stay slim and fit and avoid gaining fat and weight.

#1 Green Grapes

grapesHow many of you have eaten Sweet Green Grapes? These Grapes are not the typical Grapes. They are not sour. In fact, imagine that you eat Cotton Candy from the County fair swirled into a little green spherical object and it does have a sweet taste.

Grapes are easy to take with you on the go or you can bit a little bit creative, you can actually freeze them and make these little Popsicle things that you just pop them in your mouth. In general, there are incredible nutritional and health benefits when eating fruits.

#2 Yogurt Dipped Blueberries

blueberriesThese Blueberries are frozen and you eat them like candy. So, you take the Blueberries, you wash them and you dip them in a bowl of Greek yogurt or you use Coconut yogurt.

Then, you put them on parchment paper, freeze them for a few hours, you take them out and here they are. You have a snack that is easy to take with you on the go.

#3 Banana sushi

We take a small roasted piece of bread wrap, we spread Peanut Butter all over it and then we put the banana in the middle. We roll it up and we cut it in small slices exactly like we cut Sushi. This is an amazing snack as it contains Whole Greens, healthy Fats, Carbs and finally Protein. Also, it has an amazing and delicious taste.

#4 Apple Donut Rings

applesFirst of all, we should eat many fruits and veggies per day because they have absoluteluy no cholesterol and they are extremely low in calories, fat and sodium. On the other hand, they  are rich in Vitamins and Mineralsm, they prevent Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and Stroke.

All you have to do is grab an apple, slice it in as many slices as you can and then slather it with some Almond Butter Peanut Butter. Put any kind of dried fruits on the Peanut Butter like dried Cranberries and it is ready to eat.

The result is an absolutely delicious, crunchy, sweet and 100% healthy snack. Instead of Apples, you can use little Carrots with Hummus or Peanut Butter on them. It may sounds weird but it definitely has a wonderful taste.

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#5 Tripple Berry Smoothie

berriesThis kind of healthy Smoothie comes in portion-controlled containers that you just slip them in your bag, you take them with you and you can eat them whenever you want and wherever you want. You are not hungry between the meals. So, in a small container of Tripple Berry Smoothie, you will find Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries and chewy banana slices.

In another container, you will find Chili Lime Cashews which contain Protein, Fat, a little bit of Zest and good amount of Fiber. You can either eat it by itself or put it in a yogurt in the morning. It is GMO-free, no trans fats and no artificial colors.

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