Four Hardest Core Exercises

Now here are the 4 hardest core exercises

Hanging Leg Raises

This workout needs upper body strength and in the core. To begin, you’ll use a chin-up bar, extend your arms fully and then raise your legs slowly until they are at a ninety-degree angle with your torso. Hold the position and then lower legs slowly back down to your starting position. Be sure to keep the legs straight as you perform the exercise so you can really work the abdomen area.

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Perform ten reps and four sets. Rest time is 60 seconds. You may also perform the exercise with a little twist on the upper body part so that you work out the obliques as well.

Barbell Floor Wiper

Most pro athletes perform this hardcore exercise because it has benefits of strengthening your core. To do it, lay on the floor holding the barbell with a weight on each side (say, 45lbs on either side). The barbell should be in front of the chest, and your arms should be straight. Then, get your legs together and also ensure they are straight. In that position, raise the legs to one of the plates and then lower them back to your starting position. Raise them to the other plate and back again. Repeat the process.

Holding the barbell acts as a stabilizer besides also making your movements a combination of isotonic and isometric contractions so that you get all the benefits standard leg raises and a plank can give, all in a single exercise.

Weighted Plank

While the plank appears basic in nature and has a somewhat beginner-level reputation, most lifters often perform it incorrectly. If you want to do the perfect plank, the most important thing to remember is keeping your abs flexed as well as not letting your hips sag. If you lower your hips and relax your abdominals, your lower back will be at risk. Planks exercises help you form and shape your waistline as well as improve on your posture. Whether you are holding your plank for 30 seconds or for 3 minutes, there are different variations of the typical plank move explained in that you can try and enjoy.

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You are probably used to performing planks, and if you are able to hold a plank for about two minutes, then you should consider upgrading to performing weighted planks. Begin with one set with a 45-lb plate. Aim at 20 seconds, and after you can hold for 30 seconds, you can then consider moving up to two plates for twenty seconds. However, it is advisable to do only one set per day. If you are a beginner, you should probably get used to one plate before moving to two. Advanced lifters should use two or more plates.

Walk Outs

This is another crazy core exercise that challenges many individuals. To perform it, begin in a push-up position and walk both hands as far out as possible. Try keeping your back as flat as possible, and touch the nose to the floor before you start walking back up. Perform one set of ten reps.

As noted, there are many hardcore exercises, but these four are lead the line. If you perform them accurately and regularly, your core is sure to respond and possibly, you will pack on some additional muscles.

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