Three Chest Training Intensity Techniques You Have to Try

You want to perform the best chest exercises and chest exercises for size and strength. To achieve this goal, you have to focus on the Most Effective Techniques To Build Thicker And Wider Chest Muscles. 

1. Rest-Pause

For the most part, the rest-pause training is fairly straightforward: if you feel you cannot get another rep out, rest a little and go at it again. Of course, the devil is in the details. Here is one example: if you feel exhausted immediately after doing eight reps, just re-rack the weights, rest for about half a minute and keep doing reps until you physically cannot do another one.

You can also pepper your rest intervals throughout your working set, but do not go overboard if you are planning to have a longer workout. Get more information on how to build your upper, mid and lower chest muscles with pectoral exercises that you can do at your own house with or withour equipment. 

2. German Volume Training

If you are familiar with the weight and strength training movement, you have probably heard of this one. Basically, the German Volume Training routine (or GVT for short) consists of 10 sets of 10 repetitions. Keep in mind that this is just one big exercise, and not your entire training session. Multiple GVT exercises are not recommended simply because they are too strenuous physically demanding and challenging.

If you are serious about your chest training, keep in mind that GVT is designed to be a compound exercise, such as barbell row, bench press or overhead press. 

3. Fly to Close-Grip Transition

The best thing about this technique is that it is an excellent way to exercise and exhaust your pecs before transitioning into a pressing movement. Exhausting pecs is a good thing for chest growth, as your body will be forced to utilize more muscle fibers during an exercise.

The method is simple enough: after completing your fly reps, switch to the pressing movement by holding dumbbells over your chest. Make sure your palms are facing each other, keep the dumbbells together and finish your workout as diligently as possible.

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