What foods to eat to lower your Cholesterol levels

In this article, we are talking about foods that help you lower your Cholesterol in your body. In general, Cholesterol problems are the most important factor for heart disease that exist in most of the countries around the World. Heat disease is one of the prevailing causes of passing away in today’s society with many people losing their lives from preventable diseases.

We are discussing 5 foods that you should incorporate in your diet to help you lower and maintain healthy Cholesterol levels.

#1 Olive Oil in your meals

olive-oilOlive oil is the main aspect of the Mediterranean diet which has been proved to be the very best side that you can embrace to help you lower and maintain healthy Cholesterol levels and also protect you against heart diseases. The monounsaturated fats and Olive Oil have been shown to reduce LDL the bad Cholesterol, reduce Triglycerides and help reduce inflammation in the body which is the precursor to heart disease.

So, including Olive Oil in your diet would be suggestion No1 and the best suggestion to use Olive Oil is to put it in salad dressings and add it in cook food rather than cooking with it.

#2 Oats

oatsYou should include Oats in your diet as they contain soluble fibers. What soluble fibers do is to grab a hold of Cholesterol in your body and mange to eliminate it more efficiently from your system.

So, include Oats in your diet either in your breakfast or as an afternoon snack and this is going to be a wonderful way to get that wonderful soluble fiber and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

#3 Apples every day

The third suggestion would be to include an apple every day in your diet. That old saying “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” is absolutely true. Apple contain Pectin which is a soluble fiber grabs the Cholesterol and eliminates from your diet.

#4 Brussels Sprouts in your diet

brussels-sproutsBrussels Sprouts contain plant sterols which are substances that occur naturally in small amounts in many grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds. They help lowering cholesterol and keeping it from being absorbed in your body. So, they are a great food for you to include in a meal that has some sort of saturated fats.

For example, if you are eating meat or anything else that has lots of saturated fat and will raise your cholesterol levels then, make sure  that you include Brussels Sprouts because it will take away some of this fat and will not get absorbed in your body.

#5 Omega 3 Fatty acids in your nutrition

omega-3Eat omega 3 fatty acids foods either in the form of Salmon Fish or even better include Flaxseed Oil every single day in your diet.

Flax Seeds are natural plant-based omega 3 essential fatty acids source that you can take every single day and has an added benefit of helping to prevent hormone-related cancers. So, you can have about a tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil every day that you can easily blend in a salad dressing and Salmon about twice a week.

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