How exercise helps your brain function better

In this article, we are talking about exercise and the positive effects it has on your brain effectiveness and intelligence. We are examining how physical activity rejuvenates, cleans up and reanimates your brain. We all know that exercise helps you out with your weight, your strength, your endurance and your flexibility. But, how much do you know of the effects of exercise on your mind?

#1 Exercise massively improves your memory and brain sharpness

exercise-2Physical activity has a direct effect on the part of the brain called Hippocampus. Experiments have shown that for the people who exercise this particular brain structure becomes more competent and efficient.  

What exactly happens? By exercising, you increase your heart rate, you pump oxygen in your brain, you boost your brain-building hormones and you ultimately encourage the growth and proliferation of brain cells. You stimulate the growth of new bloods vessels in the brain and even the creation of new brain cells. Such a rejuvenation enormously helps your memory and thinking capabilities and you also help your brain to remain sharp.

#2 Exercise combats and eliminates depression and anxiety

joggingDepression has multiple bad effects on our brain as it enormously affects our concentration abilities, our decision-making skills, our process information aptitudes and it also generates real memory difficulties.

Exercise contradicts and reverses this situation by raising your mood. It increases the production of Dopamine and Serotonin which are brain chemicals that give you the sense of happiness, fulfillment and nice mood. Aerobic exercise such as running also boosts the release of the brain chemicals called Endorphins which give you the feeling of Euphoria.

#3 Exercise fights the effects of stress

exercise-4Stress is hugely detrimental to proper brain function as it releases the stress hormone called Cortisol. The stress hormone named Cortisol impedes your learning and memory abilities, it increases the risk of depression, it causes mental illness and lower life expectancy because it makes your brain older.

Here comes exercise as it lowers your cortisol levels and it helps you think sharply and quickly again. Physical activity helps your brain create new brain cells in an area called Brain Dentate Gyrus, an area of the Hippocampus which is linked to the creation of new memories.

#4 Exercise boosts your cognitive ability

exercise-1Cognitive abilities are the brain-generated skills we have to perform any tasks from the most simple to the most multifaceted, to organize, to think conceptually. Exercise immensely helps people to carry out multiple brain functions both in their working environment but in their daily lives as well when they carry out their daily tasks and activities.

For example, with a good cognitive ability, you can easily remember a phone number and dial it on your phone while at the same time you do another job. 

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